Original Coffeeneurs: Where Are They Now?

Latte from The Coffee Bar

Yesterday someone asked me if I had numbers for those who have completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge three times, i.e., every year I have held the challenge.

Yes, I do, and it is the subject of this post. In its inaugural year, the Coffeeneuring Challenge boasted 12 official finishers. In year two, 65 people completed it and as I recently wrote, 125 coffeeneurs completed the challenge in 2013.

The 12 original coffeeneurs will always have a special place for me in this challenge because it was their participation as well as blog posts, tweets, and write-ups that kick-started this whole thing. I mean, you can’t have a very good challenge if no one is doing it.

Picture unrelated to post, but I saw these guys last week on a run and had to share.
Picture unrelated to post. I saw these guys last week on a run-commute and had to share.

While some of this original group completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge once, some have come back for another round. This year, Nicole in D.C. and Ted from Alaska returned after a year off to officially finish the challenge for a second time.

There are an additional few who have completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge each year I have hosted it. Yes, a coffeeneuring three-peat. They are the following:

  1. Tara H. (@whatsupwheaton) of Wheaton, Maryland
  2. Simon B. (@whatsupwheaton) of Wheaton, Maryland
  3. George S. (@GeorgeSwain) from the Hudson Valley, New York
  4. Vannevar (yes, a pseudonym!) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  5. Bill A. (@tangobiker) of Portland, Oregon (phew, the Pacific Northwest did represent.)
  6. John (@dirteng) of Washington, D.C.
  7. Felkerino (@dailyrandonneur) of the Dining Room Bike Shop and Washington, D.C.

So the quick answer, which I took the long way to reach, is that out of the original 12 coffeeneurs, 9 people have completed the challenge at least twice and, of those, 7 have completed it every year.

Well done, original coffeeneurs. It’s always a pleasure to see you return for more coffeeneuring.


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