Valentine’s Day Run-Commute, in Photos

Jump by Benjamin Banneker Park


Ice on the Mall

U.S. Capitol in Snow

Giant snow feet

Valentine's Day Capitol in snow

Selfie with snowman

afternoon run-commute

Sunsets on the Potomac during the run-commute


  1. Good Morning!
    I sure have enjoyed your blog. I got here through Annies blog and the whole coffeenuering thing. Next fall I will try for it! Harder in a small town but we will persevere. Then reading back through some posts, I read through your Colorado tour. Your ride over Trail Ridge is an amazing ride. I live in Estes Park and spend many days riding in the Park. To start your day down in Louisville and end in Kremmling is a “big boy” riding day!! I like to start my summer tours riding out my driveway so that usually means a loaded bike ride up over TR. Yeah, a couple of those drop-aways can be a bit intimidating, even for those of us who ride them a lot. I know a couple of guys who ride TR on their super fast carbon wonder-bikes. They hit 60 to 65 MPH, passing cars and stuff….no thanks!! My loaded LHT, out my driveway, up and over, I am usually cooked by the time I get to Grandby. You guys pushed through to Kremmling, plus started down at the base of foothills. Huge props to you!!
    I just missed you on tour in July, about a week behind you guys, I was riding backwards of you. Up out of Frisco to Leadville, down to Buena. then up that east side of Cottonwood. That was just about a tour ender. The east side of that pass was so steep! You guys must have rocketed down that!! I was so happy to be cruising down the west side to Gunnison!
    If you and your husband want to do a repeat of TR, let me know! I’ll ride with you and we can start the day with some wonderful Kind Coffee here in town, TR is a true unique bike experience


    • Hi, thanks for your note! How cool that you live in Estes Park, home to some incredible riding! Glad to know I am not the only person who finds the climb up Trail Ridge to have its harrowing segments. We will be back out your way again this year, the beginning of July, and starting another tour via Trail Ridge Road. I’m wondering what this edition will be like or if I’ll still have the “cat draped over the handlebars” feeling I felt so strongly last year.


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