Winter Run on a D.C. Snow(man) Day!

U.S. Capitol snow sculpture

After yesterday’s dumping of snow over Washington, D.C. many schools and businesses, including my employer, declared a snow day. Yahoo!

I fuel up on espresso, throw on my Gore-Tex Salomons, and hit the road.

Snow days allow me to be a tourist in my own city. This “found time” frees me, and I can pad about on my own schedule.

I'm a tourist!
I’m a tourist!

My feet dip steadily in and out of snow and over patches of plowed sidewalk and road.

As I step I can tell by the snow’s slightly sticky and heavy feel that it is ideal for building snowmen.

I aim my toes toward the National Mall to see who has been there and what treasure they have left behind.

Despite the gray day and the light rain falling, people are out.

Adding the final touches

And as I hoped, snowmen are distributed all around the Mall’s expanse.

Building another snowman neighbor

Some of the artists decided to go the basic three-snowball snowman route.

Almost there…
Looking good

Actually that’s a pretty popular style. Traditional!

I see one with a carrot nose.

Carrot noses require pre-planning

Several have faces and limbs crafted from brambles and whatever supplies were available nearby.

This snowman has hair
This snowman has hair
Glad to be alive snowman
Contemplative snowman
This snowman's leaf eyes and snow hair make me want to start a conversation with it.
This snowman’s leaf eyes and snow hair make me want to start a conversation with it.
Disgruntled snowman
Disgruntled snowman

Others have faces etched into them.

I love Washington, D.C.!
A snowman of leisure
A snowman of leisure

I’m impressed by how expressive so many of them are.

Snowmen dotting the lawn of the Capitol
Snowmen dotting the lawn of the Capitol. Hi!

Some are not snowmen.

Snowbird. I'd even go so far as to say... a snowduck.
Snowbird. I’d even go so far as to say… a snowduck.

The most elaborate treasure I see is not a snowman. It’s this snowy replica of the U.S. Capitol that two people created.

Snow Capitol in progress
Snow Capitol in progress

I take a photo of them sculpting and shaping. They use brushes. Overachievers!

Snow Capitol
Snow Capitol under construction

I continue on my exploration and loop back after swinging past the Capitol in order to examine their final product.

Photographing the remarkable Snow Capitol
Photographing the remarkable Snow Capitol

Wow! All who pass stop to see the U.S. Capitol in snow. We wonder to each other how long it will last.

It’s made of snow. It isn’t meant to last. None of this will last, and that’s why we revel in the fleeting beauty of this snow day.


  1. I love the pictures of the snowmen! Definitely a great city to be a tourist in, I’m sure you get a different perspective living there and going to work. DC is one of my favorite places. Thank you for sharing this


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