Colorado 2014: By the Days and Miles

Co-Motion and Felkerino Rollins summit

Every day that goes by, our 2014 Colorado tour becomes more memory. I’m surprised to feel saddened by that, since one of our intentions while there was to feed our wanderlust and tire ourselves out so that we would be at peace with settling back into our life in Washington, D.C.

Maybe that peace will come in September, but in the interim I’m left daydreaming about the two weeks when I felt small, invigorated, and satisfied.

Felkerino uploaded our routes to his Ride With GPS page, and I’m posting the overall image of our daily profiles along with a link that provides more details about each day’s ride.

I wish I could figure out an easy way to sew the routes together so I could display it as one big loop as well as by days, but seeing it in segments is okay. UPDATE: Thanks to Ronnie, who commented below, I was able to put our routes into one image.

Through this post I have an overall record of our trip and I keep the good memories flowing! Again, many thanks to all of you for taking an interest and encouraging us throughout our time in Colorado.

2014 Colorado Tour Image

Day 1: Boulder to Kremmling (this is also the Trail Ridge Traipse RUSA Permanent), 150 Miles

Day 1: Boulder to Kremmling

Day 2: Kremmling to Carbondale, 87 Miles

Day 2: Kremmling to Carbondale

Day 3: Carbondale to Paonia, 62 Miles

Day 3: Carbondale to Paonia

Day 4: Paonia to Ouray, 100 Miles

Day 4: Paonia to Ouray

Day 5: Rest Day, 0 Miles

Rest Day Espresso
Rest Day Espresso

Day 6: Ouray to Durango, 75 Miles

Day 6: Ouray to Durango

Day 7: Durango to Pagosa Springs, 65 Miles

Day 7: Durango to Pagosa Springs

Day 8: Pagosa Springs to Creede, 68 Miles (First half of route here. Second half is here)

Day 8: Pagosa Springs to Creede

Day 8: Pagosa Springs to Creede

Day 9: Creede to Gunnison, 106 Miles

Day 9: Creede to Gunnison

Day 10: Gunnison to Leadville, 105 Miles

Day 10: Gunnison to Leadville

Day 11: Rest/Backwards Pedal and Crankarm Day

Fixed up and ready to roll in Leadville
Fixed up and ready to roll in Leadville

Day 12: Leadville to Winter Park, 83 Miles

Day 12: Leadville to Winter Park

Day 13: Winter Park to Boulder, 68 Miles

Day 13: Winter Park to Boulder

Number of riding days: 11

Total days: 13

Total miles: 969 (plus some additional miles riding around towns for meals and miscellaneous errands)

Average mileage per day, including rest days: 74.5 Miles

Average mileage per day, not including rest days: 88 Miles

Number of Unforgettable Moments of Awesome: Too many to count

And now, we return to randonneuring, running, and planning “future tour– at least, until I finish culling the rest of my tour photos.


  1. You can show all your routes on one map in RIDEWITHGPS. Create an event ( on the profile tab – scroll to the bottom.) and add all the routes to that event. Then there is an option to show all on a map.


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