Coffeeneuring Quiz

Welcome to another week of coffeeneuring as we know it. Time to test your Coffeeneuring Challenge knowledge.

No cheating. You’re only cheating yourself, as one of my old workout instructors used to say.

Coffeeneuring Quiz!

1. What is a word that has two Fs, three Es, one N, and one R?


2. When I go coffeeneuring, should I drive my car?


3. When I go coffeeneuring, should I drive a school bus?


4. When I coffeeneur, should I ride my bicycle?


5. When I go coffeeneuring, can I go to seven shops in one day and submit my entry saying that I completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge?


And I hope you were mixing it up with decaf, if you attempted this. Only two trips max per week.

6. If I coffeeneur with the same person for all trips, can we send in one Coffeeneuring Challenge entry for both of us?


7. Should I take a picture of my coffeeneuring?


If you forgot, get creative about providing something that evidences your outing.

8. What is the hashtag for the Coffeeneuring Challenge on Twitter and Instagram?


9. If I drink a pop while I’m out, can I call it coffeeneuring?


10. Isn’t coffeeneuring just riding your bike to get coffee with a whole bunch of rules?


Coffeeneuring-Sipping Chocolate

One point per answer. Add up your score. How did you do?

9-10 points. Good job. Keep doing what you’re doing. Unless you you think you are coffeeneuring when driving. Don’t do that.
6-8 points. Better brush up on your coffeeneuring skills.
5-0 points. Close to hopeless. Coffeeneur at your own risk.

Any questions I missed? Maybe they’ll make a future quiz


  1. To successfully complete a coffeeneuring run, how many miles are you required to ride along roads named (one or more of the following): Skytop Rd., Observatory Rd., Ridge Rd., Sunset View Rd., Valley View Road, Terrace Dr., Summit Ave., (something) Pass., Mountain Rd……



  2. I give myself an A plus. #coffeeneuring forever! I got my dad on the bandwagon as well. He sent me a photo of his totally drenched ride through pouring rain captioned “I only wanted some coffee.”


    1. Good job, although technically you know you’re not supposed to grade your own paper. 🙂 Glad to read that you’re dad is joining the challenge, too!


  3. What is a “Coffeeneuring Challenge Entry”. Does the blog with all stops at the end qualify as the entry or is there some other requirements?


  4. Ha ha ha…I travel to south Texas to try and explain to my family why I must leave the festivities for a little while…and the stunned look on their faces…followed by question number 10…which I answer correctly…more stunned looks as I walk out the door.

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  5. 10 points! However, in time honoured tradition, I shall have to flex the rules at some point.

    By the by, you’ve inspired me into half planning the rules for the 1st annual lifeinthecyclelane randobeering challenge…


    1. I just knew this would be coming up! No doubt there will be something like wineaneuring coming up as well. I have thought of doing my own personal randophotoneuring during one month in the spring as I enjoty finding photo ops on my regular routes.

      MG, see what you may have started!


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