Coffeeneuring: More Than A Bike Ride in Search of a Hashtag

Lots of us ride to coffee (or tea), but only during this seven-week sliver between October and November do we officially coffeeneur.* Coffeeneuring is when bike rides to coffee (and other beverages) are shared and enjoyed by people far and wide.

Start this weekend and you can still officially complete the challenge of 7 rides to 7 distinct places. And even if you don’t, you can still have fun trying. The challenge ends November 16.

Why should you think about joining the Coffeeneuring Challenge? Here’s what some of the participants from last year’s edition had to say:

“Since this was my first coffeeneuring experience, I find it easy to relate it to riding a flêche where everyone is out completing their own rides, but we are all sharing in similar experiences. The idea of knowing others around the country were participating in the same activity motivated me to get out and ride!”
Steve in Burtonsville, Maryland

“7 rides, 7 coffee shops, 125.3 miles, 5596 feet climbing. I’d call that success!”
keithmo bikes, Richland, Washington

“It was great fun checking out new coffee places that I otherwise would probably not have visited, if not for coffeeneuring requirements.”
Cruisin’ Downhill, Edmonton, Alberta Canada

“We really had a lot of fun.”
Dan’s Rando Adventures, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Courtesy MrTinDC
Courtesy MrTinDC

“Thanks for organizing this important community-building activity! It’s gratifying to a part of such a force for good, peace and harmony in the world.”
Andy’s Bike Blog Seattle, Washington

“We really enjoyed doing it.  The only thing better than riding a bicycle is sharing the joy of riding a bicycle with others.”
Paul (and Sally!) in St. Petersburg, Florida

“I look forward to it every year – gives us an excuse to just ride somewhere and visit over a cup of coffee.”
Lynne’s Mostly-Cycling Blog, Portland, Oregon

“Thanks so much for the motivation to keep the riding going even as it gets cold here in Western Maine.”
Christine in Bethel, Maine

Mr. T in DC Coffeeneuring
Courtesy of MrTinDC

“Family coffeeneuring is a great deal of fun. Sure, the mileage is a bit less (okay, an order of magnitude less), but it’s a great excuse to get the kids out even when the weather is less-than-perfect.”

Dan B. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“We had such a good time connecting with other riders! Thanks for putting this together.”
Jennifer T. in Leavenworth, Kansas

“I had a great time biking to new places, taking photos and drinking coffee. It was like all of my hobbies rolled into one :)”
Joe Flood, Washington, D.C.

“Drinking coffee (or at least hot beverages) is a great unifier for cyclists from all walks of life!”
Will in McLean, Virginia

Photo courtesy MrTinDC
Courtesy of MrTinDC

Four years ago, the number of people who finished the Coffeeneuring Challenge totaled 12. In the three years since that time it has grown to more than 100. We’ll just see where we end up in 2014. In the meantime, let’s go #coffeeneuring!

*MrTinDC, thank you for the pics!


  1. But… but… chasing #hashtags can be #fun! 😉

    Actually, coffeeneuring has all sorts of redeeming qualities: camaraderie, caffeine, chain lube, conspiracy, croissants, comic moments, CRAZINESS – lots of “C” moments. 😉


  2. It’s true that we can and do ride for coffee at other times of the year. It’s fun then and it’s even more fun now, when the daylight is more limited, temperatures are dropping, and getting on the bike, other than for getting to work, is harder. Motivation, like this, is welcome. I didn’t make it last year but had fun trying and I’m certainly having fun this year, plotting how I could get 5 more trips in with only 4 weekends to go.


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