A Coffeeneuring Destinations Map for Everyone: Your Help Welcome!

Hello, coffeeneurs (and other readers, too). I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend and perhaps even a cup of coffee (or tea) or two.

I’ve been talking with Daniel in the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring about setting up a map that includes coffeeneur ride destinations. He is the person behind last year’s World Coffeeneuring Map (mine was the colored pencils-based creation).

If you want to participate in shaping the Coffeeneuring Destinations Map, please contact Daniel via email.  Daniel does a better job than I do in explaining the mapping process in this post on his blog–yay, cartographers– but for the basic version, read on.

The Coffeeneuring Destinations Map allows you to add the following information about a shop:

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Link to the location’s website;
  • Notes about your experience there;
  • Your Twitter or other social media identifier (blog, tweep, Facebook, Instagram, you get the idea).

After you add the info to the map, the spot will then appear on the Coffeeneuring Destinations Map for all to see.

coffeeneuring at Little Grill in Harrisonburg

This is for both coffee and tea, by the way so please let all the tea-drinking coffeeneurs (and chai-neurs, for that matter) know, too!

I hope you will try it out. Like I said, please email Daniel and he will get you started. It’s coffeeneurs sharing their knowledge to help others discover new places and spaces.

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