Coffeeneuring Challenge Announcements and… More About Maps!

Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoyed Vannevar’s recent guest post, and that your coffeeneuring exploits are going well.

The Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring and I have been putting together some maps to show where the year’s coffeeneuring activity has been occurring.

For 2014, we created three maps.

  1. Coffeeneurs in the U.S. by state
  2. Cities where there was at least one coffeeneur
  3. Coffeeneuring Destinations Map (by the people, for the people, updated by people! See more info below.)

You can see the dynamic versions of these maps on Daniel’s site, and this is what they looked like as of this morning.

NewEnglandBicyclist Maps

I have received official submissions from South Carolina, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Washington state, as well as one TWO submissions from Canada and one from the United Kingdom.

Thirteen people have finished the challenge so far, and coffeeneuring destinations have been plotted by several people on the Coffeeneuring Destinations Map.

The Coffeeneuring Destinations Map is slowly expanding to not only more states, but more countries, too! Thanks to everybody who is shaping this map, and please include your locations as you have time and the inclination.

It isn’t hard to do. Instructions can be found here. Just contact Daniel of the Northeast Regional Office and he will set you up. I love how coffeeneuring is becoming so modern (although I do like the old school map, too)!

2014 Magic Coffeeneuring Map
2014 Magic Coffeeneuring Map

One final note for the bloggers! This page contains a list of the 2014 Coffeeneuring Bloggers I know. If you are writing up your adventures, I would like to be add you to the blogroll. If you do not see your blog, please send me a note and I will update the list accordingly.

Carry on. Two weeks left!

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