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Category: Coffeeneuring Maps

Why Do You Coffeeneur? Maps Update!

Why do you coffeeneur? The glory? A┬áchance to stand on the annual coffeeneuring podium? I always like reading about why people take on the challenge. Some include their reasons in […]

Coffeeneuring States and Cities

The total number of official coffeeneuring finishers reached 125, with 11 of them being from places outside the United States. Of these 11, there were three coffeeneurs from Canada, two […]

Coffeeneuring Challenge: Put it on the Map

This year an unprecedented 125 people successfully finished the Coffeeneuring Challenge while another 13 earned the “I Was Going to Complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but…” Honorable Mention award. To provide […]

A Coffeeneuring Map Made by a Pro

COFFEENEURING OFFICIAL BUSINESS: If you were a Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher or honorable mention, please send me your snail mail address via my gmail address OR the “Contact” page so that […]