Coffeeneuring Challenge Recap and Guest Post!

Hello friends, it’s been a little while. I’m still here, though, and I hope to return to a more regular schedule of blogging soon. Tooday features a guest post from fellow coffeeneur, blogger, and six-time Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher, Vannevar, who has put together some intriguing facts and figures about the latest edition of the challenge. Patches for this year’s challenge have been sent. If you did not … Continue reading Coffeeneuring Challenge Recap and Guest Post!

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015: That’s a Wrap!

The results have been calculated, the patches distributed, and the 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge is now officially at a close. (If you did not yet receive yours, please let me know!)

Before we close the book on another year, though, I’d like to share a few coffeeneuring facts with you in the off-chance that someone decides to develop his or her own coffeeneuring trivia game. Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Challenge 2015: That’s a Wrap!”

Why Do You Coffeeneur? Maps Update!

Why do you coffeeneur? The glory? A chance to stand on the annual coffeeneuring podium?

coffeeneuring red purp

I always like reading about why people take on the challenge. Some include their reasons in their blog entries and others in their final submissions. If you have a moment, let me know what inspired you to coffeeneur this year. Continue reading “Why Do You Coffeeneur? Maps Update!”

Coffeeneuring Challenge Announcements and… More About Maps!

Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoyed Vannevar’s recent guest post, and that your coffeeneuring exploits are going well.

The Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring and I have been putting together some maps to show where the year’s coffeeneuring activity has been occurring.

For 2014, we created three maps.

  1. Coffeeneurs in the U.S. by state
  2. Cities where there was at least one coffeeneur
  3. Coffeeneuring Destinations Map (by the people, for the people, updated by people! See more info below.)

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Coffeeneuring States and Cities

Coffeeneuring-Sipping Chocolate

The total number of official coffeeneuring finishers reached 125, with 11 of them being from places outside the United States.

Of these 11, there were three coffeeneurs from Canada, two from Scotland, two from Sweden, one from Australia, one from Finland, one from Ireland, and one coffeeneur from England.

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Coffeeneuring Challenge: Put it on the Map

This year an unprecedented 125 people successfully finished the Coffeeneuring Challenge while another 13 earned the “I Was Going to Complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but…” Honorable Mention award.

Coffeeneuring Maps 2013

To provide readers with a visual representation of the coffeeneuring community I created the Magic Coffeeneuring Map, a paper map where all illustration is done in colored pencils (not crayons, as some have suggested).

Here is the 2013 edition of the Magic Coffeeneuring Map, which includes all geographic areas where someone completed the challenge.

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A Coffeeneuring Map Made by a Pro

COFFEENEURING OFFICIAL BUSINESS: If you were a Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher or honorable mention, please send me your snail mail address via my gmail address OR the “Contact” page so that I may send out your PRIZES!

Earlier this week, I received a note from a North Carolina randonneur and blogosphere buddy. Andy had used the Coffeeneuring Challenge data as the basis for his on-line tutorial, “How to plot points on a map using Google Fusion Tables

The result of his plotting is a world map that shows the home cities of all 62 participants.

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The Magic Coffeeneuring Map and Submission Housekeeping

After six weeks rich in riding and imbibing, the time for Coffeeneuring Challenge submissions has arrived. Thus, I’m taking the opportunity to clarify a few items.

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