Errandonnee 2015 Blog Highlights and Blogroll!

Four days and change remain for those on a quest to complete the 2015 Errandonnee. On March 17, the Errandonnee is over and you can cry into green beers and return to your regularly scheduled errand programming.

You will also be able to pedal down memory lane when the Errandonnee is said and done with the posts, tweets, and pictures from this year’s participants. Here are the errandeurs I know who are blogging:

  • She loves winter riding in upstate New York. None other than Bri of Bike Like Crazy.
  • He’s back again. The inimitable Jimmy Phoenix of Life in the Cycle Lane.
  • That front basket was installed for a good reason– Northwoods Trekker in Minnesota.
  • Representing Canada, it’s PhysicsGirl on the Loose. She can’t get enough of the Errandonnee!
  • He said the Errandonnee would help inspire him to ride. Dan in Iowa blogs his progress on Nothing Adventured.
  • Annie Bikes in Vermont sheds no tears over the loss of the Errandonnee night ride requirement, but she still does lots of errands during the daylight hours.
  • Getting it done in California, Sister Leigh Viticus dresses as a drag nun (that’s new for this challenge) and has a very cute pup.
  • Five errands to go for Kel. Go Kel!
  • Town Mouse coins the term “errandisaster,” but is still in the running for official Errandonnee completion.
  • Former king of the errandisaster, Rootchopper of #BikeDC is making this year’s challenge look easy.
  • A different bike for every errand? Believe it, because Randy and Nova’s Bicycle Scrapbook has done seven trips and I see seven different bikes.
  • Errandonnee? Errundonnee? Why not one of each? That’s what’s happening on The View from the Crosswalk out of Washington state. Good stuff.
  • I love her photos. Sarah Rice of #BikeDC returns for another Chasing Mailboxes challenge.
  • She rides her bike most places, brings it inside when she can, and has already had to walk around in her socks– Lynne’s Mostly-Cycling Blog around Portland, Oregon.
  • Judith is an avid randonneur, and she rides for transportation, too. Find her and her pink Brompton at The Brevet Bird.
  • Pittsburgh always represents and this year is no different. Red Riding is back for another round of the Errandonnee, with her yellow Surly with those delicious front panniers.
  • She’s already taken baby Han Solo for a ride in the Millenium Falcon… by bike. What could be next for No Spandex Required?
  • Family Ride in Seattle, Washington, is making full use of her Surly Straggler, with the basket on the front and the sharp Swift Industries panniers on the back.
  • Fareway grocery store and Ingersoll Avenue can mean only one thing– another Errandonnee in Iowa, this one by Riding the Mindway.
  • Can’t believe I almost forgot him, but Type 2 Clydesdale Cyclist (also an original coffeeneur) is back for another Errandonnee. Perfect attendance for all Chasing Mailboxes challenges, I believe.
  • Martin is Cycling 365 Days, and some of them are being spent doing the Errandonnee!
  • Vélovoice may be a little late to the game, but she’s well on her way to Errandonnee success.

I’ll add to the blogroll as people post about their Errandonnee experiences.

Las Bicicletas, Surly LHT in DC

In the meantime, if I’ve missed you (which I never mean to do but seems to happen each year), please let me know and I’ll revise this post!

You can also meet and share with other errandeurs by joining the Errandonnee Facebook group, posting on Twitter or Instagram using the #errandonnee hashtag, or through the Errandonnee 2015 flickr group that Rootchopper is managing.

Still plenty of time left. Four-plus days. You can do it!


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