Errandonnee 2015 Finishers and Honorable Mentions

The moment to announce the Errandonnee 2015 Finishers and Honorable Mentions is finally upon us! Thanks to all for their patience as I homologated entries.

This year’s edition of the challenge boasts 62 Finishers and 4 Honorable Mentions, including one Honorable Mention from Boston. Yes, that Boston, the one that received record-breaking snow this year.

Overall, errandeurs completed 804 errands and rode a cumulative 4,668 miles over the 12 days of the Errandonnee. That averages out to around 68 miles and just over 12 errands per person. Impressive? I say yes.

The states with the most representation are: Washington (10); the District of Columbia (10); California (5); Virginia (5); and Oregon (4).

While 53 participants live in the United States, 3 errandeurs hailed from England, 2 from Scotland, 2 from Finland, 2 from Canada, 1 from the Netherlands (I think), and 1 from Sweden.

This year’s totals stack up similarly in terms of overall miles and number of participants when compared to last year. However, there were many new Errandonnee participants as well as some repeat Errandonnee champions.

March isn’t the same for everyone. For some, it is a month of snow and cold. For others it means rainy days. Or wind. And for a few participants, March means sunny skies and days in the 70s– we’re jealous of you. Errandeurs ranged from more temperate states like California, Oregon, and Washington to “real winter” states like Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, and New York. Not even winter days defy the determined errandeur.

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Congratulations to everybody who took on the Errandonnee: 12 errands, 12 days, and last but not least, paperwork.

You did it!

  1. Jake of Bicyclist Abroad. The Netherlands  @bicyclistabroad   113 miles
  2. Linel. Alexandria, Virginia   @linelisel   83 miles
  3. Shirley of No Spandex Required.  Seattle, Washington
    @nospandexreq   48.2 miles
  4. Astrid.  Lynnwood, Washington  @astridbear  31.64 miles
  5. Chris of Riding the Mindway.  Des Moines, Iowa  @pyrtwist 147.7 miles
  6. Corbi of Pedaling Nut.  Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania  68 miles
  7. Joe Flood.  Washington, D.C.  @joeflood  73 miles 16 errands!
  8. Randy of Randy and Nova’s Cycling Scrapbook. Haysville, Kansas  95 miles
  9. Jim of JE.  Glasgow, Scotland  @jimewing  52.7 miles
  10. Judy O.  Toronto, Ontario  Canada  35.5 miles
  11. Rachel C. Washington, D.C.  @rachelcannon  81 miles
  12. Line B. Boulder, Colorado  125 miles
  13. Lis of Round World.  Washington, D.C.  azizza09  53 miles
  14. Jon of Peninsulawyer  Suffolk, England  @jonbloor  39.47 miles
  15. sprite.  Washington, D.C.  @spritewrites 30.1 miles
  16. Carol H.  Bend, Oregon @carolski 67.1 miles
  17. Lydia of Lydia Rides.  Espoo, Finland  167.09 miles
  18. Kel. Redmond, Washington 39.4 miles
  19. Rudi R. Washington, D.C. @randomduck 35.4 miles
  20. Marina of Sister Leigh Viticus  Los Angeles, California @marinanachos  65.46 miles
  21. Madi of Family Ride  Seattle, Washington  @familyride 138 miles
  22. Annie of anniebikes. Burlington, Vermont  30 miles
  23. Sally of City Exile.  Dumfries, Scotland  @sallyhinch  88 miles
  24. Johanna L.  Helsinki, Finland (formerly of #BikeDC!)  @djjoha  32.5 miles
  25. John R.  Washington, D.C.  @dirteng  80.9 miles
  26. Eric of The Written Ride.  Washington, D.C.  201 miles
  27. Anders.  Märsta, Sweden  284 kilometers
  28. Eric W.  San Francisco, California  @ewalstad  229 miles!
  29. Bill A. Portland, Oregon  @tangobiker  63.7 miles
  30. Glen B.  Kirkland, Washington  @glenbikes  119.51 miles
  31. Laura H.  Seattle, Washington  41.5 miles
  32. Alicia M.  Lynnwood, Washington   47.42 miles
  33. James H. (tandem!)  Manchester, Connecticut  38.7 miles
  34. Laura G. (tandem!)  Manchester, Connecticut  38.7 miles
  35. Eileen of Eileen On.  Santa Monica, California  105 miles
  36. Bri of Bike Like Crazy in Upstate New York.  82 miles
  37. Crystal of Aesthetics of Everywhere.  Santa Barbara, California (formerly of #BikeDC)  @crysb  150 miles
  38. Biking Yogini. Arlington, Virginia  @bikingyogini  45 miles
  39. Lisa D.  Norfolk, Virginia  39.49 miles
  40. Tom H.  Billings, Montana  66 miles
  41. Tess M.  Beaverton, Oregon  35.8 miles
  42. Jimmy Phoenix Manchester, England  70 miles
  43. Nate P. Ann Arbor, Michigan (first Michigan finisher for a Chasing Mailboxes challenge!)  @yikes_bikes 58.7 miles
  44. Rootchopper.  Alexandria, Virginia   @rootchopper  98.55 miles
  45. Zak S.  Temecula, Washington  @zakschwank  75 miles
  46. Jon P.  Baltimore, Maryland  45 miles
  47. Michelle P. of The View from the Crosswalk.  Kirkland, Washington  @crosswalkview  50 miles
  48. Mark P. (Errundonnee!) also of a The View from the Crosswalk.  Kirkland, Washington  @crosswalkview  67 miles
  49. Gray H.  Fort Collins, Colorado  48 miles
  50. Chris of PureFix Cycles  Burbank, California  52 miles
  51. Nate N. Sioux Center, Iowa  @clodhopperrides  55.65 miles
  52. G.E. of Endless Velo Love.  Longmont, Colorado @endlessvelolove  58.5 miles
  53. Lynne of Lynne’s Mostly Cycling Blog.  Portland, Oregon 40.16 miles
  54. Jessica K. Washington, D.C.  @lawderly  32.4 miles
  55. Vannevar! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  @vannevarb  66 miles
  56. Colleen S. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @redinthe412 47 miles
  57. Deb of Debiguity.  Arlington, Virginia  @debiguity  88 miles
  58. Felkerino.  Washington, D.C.  @dailyrandonneur  35.65 miles
  59. Cynthia R. Sioux Center, Iowa  30 miles
  60. Andrea of Physics Girl on the Loose.  Toronto, Ontario  Canada. @aem2  49.5 miles
  61. Lynda T.  Thousand Oaks, California  32.8 miles
  62. Martin of Martin is Cycling 365 Days  Lincolnshire, England @winsladem  53 miles
  63. Matt of Just Like Riding (Honorable Mention).  Boston, Massachusetts  45.3 miles
  64. Darin of Northwoods Trekkers (Honorable Mention!) Duluth, Minnesota  63.1 miles
  65. Rebecca of Velovoice (Honorable Mention)  Bedfordshire, England  @velovoice  25 miles
  66. Kate of Girl on a Bike (Honorable Mention) Washington, D.C. @girlonabikedc 26.6 miles
  67. Joan O. (Honorable Mention)  Arlington, Virginia 34.5 miles

If you think you should be included on this list, please let me know by email or in the comments. Also, if I have somehow erred in presenting your Errandonnee information, let me know that as well.

If you have suggestions about how categories could be changed or rules adjusted, please let me know. I’m open to ideas.

Congratulations to all the finishers, almost-finishers, as well as the repeat Errandonnee finishers. Many thanks to everyone who participated. It might just have been the best Errandonnee yet!


  1. Hi Mary, do you need me to resend my entry as I don’t see myself on the list? I completed the errands, posted on the FB page and also emailed my control card (with paypal payment.) Thanks.


  2. Woo-hoo! Another great year of errandonneering!

    I think my mileage has a typo (not that it matters and I don’t think I ever confirmed it) – I make it 48.5 + “lots” from errands #11 & 12. Roughly 70 for the whole challenge would be about right, I think.

    Obviously I adored the new ‘You carried WHAT on your bike?!’ category and I’d like to suggest ‘errandocoffeeneuring’ for next year (when one goes coffeeneuring for one of the errands). I also kinda miss the after dark bonus.

    Thanks again for putting on such a great challenge! 🙂


  3. My “Mention” is DIShonourable rather than Honourable – I didn’t even submit my control card! Okay, I packed 8 trips into 2 outings. If the challenge had lasted 2 more days, i could have wrapped up the remaining 4 trips in 1 more outing as I had loads of errands and appointments on Wednesday the 18th. But that’s nothing but excuses. I do not see myself as a committed participant this year.


    • The judges told me to tell you that you’re too hard on yourself. You:
      1. Completed two-thirds of the rides
      2. Rode 83 percent of the miles, AND
      3. Wrote up and blogged the errands you did.
      1+2 + 3 = A completely honorable mention!


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