Why Do You Coffeeneur? Maps Update!

Why do you coffeeneur? The glory? A chance to stand on the annual coffeeneuring podium?

coffeeneuring red purp

I always like reading about why people take on the challenge. Some include their reasons in their blog entries and others in their final submissions. If you have a moment, let me know what inspired you to coffeeneur this year.

Entries have begun rolling in, with a total of five 2015 finishers reaching Coffeeneuring Headquaters as of this writing. That means it’s time for the Coffeeneuring Challenge Maps!

These maps are managed by the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring, and you can track the state and cities represented in this year’s challenge by following this link.

If you look at the global map, you will see that we have our first finisher ever from Ukraine. Congratulations to Chris for making this happen!

coffeeneuring map

Below is the map of the U.S. finishers. This particular map does not show D.C. (you can see that inset by going to the Northeast Regional Office’s post), but of the four U.S. finishers so far: two hail from the District of Columbia (the District is considered a state for purposes of all Chasing Mailboxes challenges); one from Des Moines, Iowa; and one from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Congratulations to these states for making the podium!

coffeeneuring u.s.

The Magic Coffeeneuring Map (colored pencils, NOT crayon) has yet to make an appearance, but here’s hoping it will. The staff person in charge of that map has not been performing very well so send motivation if you’d like to see that map.

On a last note about maps, the Community Coffeeneuring Destinations Map is become a good resource for people seeking out new places to coffeeneur, so please take the leap and enter your 2015 stops. The Northeast Regional Office can help you access this map to add your coffee destinations.

The challenge has really grown this year so I look forward to seeing all the final submissions in the upcoming weeks. Riders have through November 15 (midnight in your area) to complete this year’s challenge. You can do it!

Dare I say… Keep Calm and Coffeeneur On.

For Eunice...
For Eunice…


  1. So, I’ve been updating the map with this years’ rides, but I just noticed that I’m the only one who has done so, AND the map does not appear to be mentioned in the chasingmailboxes blog anymore… Have we decided to do away with the interactive map? I thought it was fun watching it grow…


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