Coffeeneuring Housekeeping and Prize Reveal!

Two full weekends remain to complete the seven critical trips that result in Coffeeneuring Challenge victory. That’s four days to complete four rides (or three, if you choose to substitute Veterans Day, per Rule 19).

If you have completed at least three rides, coffeeneuring glory can be yours. Get on your bikes and ride!

In answers to the “why coffeeneur” question that people often posit, including me,  Recycled and Recounted provides a nice response in his coffeeneuring wrap-up post.

Fall leaves and Quickbeam

Coffeeneuring Highlights

I will be assembling a more complete blogroll for 2015, but in the meantime, here are a few posts and blogs for your free reading pleasure:

  • Coffee is coffee, and there are many ways to prepare it. How about instant espresso, from Jims Brews Crooze? (I think Felkerino might be fainting right now :))
  • A fine roundup from Odds and Ends out of Pittsburgh, and a bit from her and from Hard Travelin’ Q about their kickoff event at Thick Bikes. Q made donuts. Great job!
  • Speaking of Pittsburgh, it’s perfect attendance for this five-time finisher and what I call “original coffeeneur”, Type 2 Clydesdale Cyclist. Congratulations, sir!
  • Four-time finisher keithmo of Washington State put together a lovely flip book of his coffeeneuring exploits.
  • Speaking of that Washington, the inspiration for the Coffeeneuring Challenge, Joe Platzner reached the official finish line for the fourth time this year.
The Prize!

Today I’m also revealing the Coffeeneuring Challenge premium. Each of the last four years the prize has been a patch so for coffeeneuring’s fifth birthday, guess what? Another patch!

Coffeeneuring Patch, design credit to Doug
Coffeeneuring Patch, design credit to Doug

Fellow coffeeneur and graphic designer, Doug, offered his talents toward this year’s premium. The patch above will be round, in case anyone wonders. I am so happy with Doug’s work, and glad that a fellow coffeeneur designed the patch. We currently await the final real deal patch.

The Housekeeping

Since submissions are picking up, a few things to keep in mind as you finish.

  • Even if you know that I know that you are coffeeneuring, please send me a final submission via email so I can note you as an official finisher. gersemalina “at” gmail dot com.
  • Please let me know if you would like a patch. Five dollars covers your prize plus shipping ($6 if you are an international entrant) and you can PayPal or snail mail that to me after you submit.
  • If you purchase a patch, please send me an address so I can mail your prize. If you do not want a patch, please provide your city and state so I can add it to the coffeeneuring maps! You can see the most updated maps at this link from the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring.
  • If your coffeeneuring includes a theme, please let me know that in your submission so I make sure to note it. I will be including these themes in the finishers announcement.

I think that covers it. Thanks everybody! And remember, Keep Calm and Coffeeneur On. Yeah, I know. I can’t help myself.



  1. If we are veterans, we actually have 5 chances left to get out and do this! Thank you for that! And thank you also for arranging such great weather in the DC area for the challenge. You definitely have the magic touch!


    • Exactly! Thank you for clarifying for those who are veterans. I was going to add that, but then I worried it would get too convoluted. Enjoy the upcoming days!


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