Coffeeneuring Challenge Final Weekend: Cross the Finish Line, Friends!

Hello readers and coffeeneurs, the sun is about to set on the 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge with the November 14 and 15 being the last official days of the challenge.

UPDATE: Coffeeneurs who are not bound by weekend days, dates extended until Friday, November 19.

Urban Adventure League asked me in the comments about how the challenge applied to those who do not work a Monday through Friday schedule, and asked about extending the dates for eligible coffeeneuring trips to the following Thursday. For those non-weekender coffeeneurs (or if you have vacation or whatever other rule might apply to you in these final days) the contest officially goes until Friday, November 19, midnight in your area!

Where will you coffeeneur, and will your challenge go out with a loud gulp or a silent sip? I eagerly await your posts and submissions.

THE Tarik Saleh
THE Tarik Saleh

Over the last 7 weeks, social media has filled with #coffeeneuring vignettes from all over the world. It is a real thrill to be part of the growing community of coffeeneurs.

Also, many thanks to those who have logged their coffee stops on the Community Coffeeneuring Destinations Map. I know people have used it as a resource when seeking out new places to grab a cup of joe.

Coffeeneuring Challenge

Each time I’ve tried to put this post together, I have ended up reviewing submissions, perusing coffeeneuring maps, and looking at coffeeneuring posts on the various social media outlets. So I’m going to try to stay focused and give you a proper and brief update!

As of this writing, the Coffeeneuring Maps (of the Google, not Magic kind) look like what you see below.

Coffeeneuring Cities Around the Globe

Coffeeneuring Cities

United States of Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneuring states

This map includes 4 finishers from the District of Columbia.

As you can see, Pennsylvania is once again putting in a strong showing of coffeeneurs, and so is Oregon. Good job, coffeeneurs.

What is also exciting is to see the geographic distribution of coffeeneurs. The maps are filling in on a global level like I have not seen before. Today I received the first 2015 submission from Canada, and I’ve already received entries from England, Germany, Sweden, and Ukraine. And Texas, too (ha ha, couldn’t help myself!).

Tarik, Felkerino, and Rudi. No women in this pic, but I took the photo so 1/2 credit!
Tarik, Felkerino, and Rudi. No women in this pic, but I took the photo so 1/2 credit!

Thank you to all who are out riding and drinking. You make the Coffeeneuring Challenge a unique social bikes ‘n coffee time of year.

So tell me, a loud gulp or a silent sip? How will you end the 2015 coffeeneuring season?


  1. I finished some time ago but am wrapping it up Sunday with a meetup at a coffee shop and a ride to watch my friends race cyclocross. Let There Be Mud.


  2. Hey Mary, I have a question about the end date. For those of us who don’t have typical weekends off and have been doing the challenge during the week, does the Sunday November 15th cut-off still apply? It would seem to fair for the non-weekenders to have until Thursday the 19th to complete.


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