Coffeeneuring Quotes 2015

The 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge is winding down, and submissions are regularly hitting my email. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to those who have yet to submit, I look forward to your paperwork!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of what people are saying about coffeeneuring.

Why do I coffeeneur? To keep the wheels turning, the mind stimulated (all the planning requires mental enterprise!), and to enjoy my surroundings.
~AnnieBikes, Vermont

I would be remiss not to say, this was the best cycling challenge I’ve done. Challenges are so often about MORE… farther, longer, faster. This one encourages nothing more than the joy of getting on a bike and going someplace, new or familiar; a perfect way to be enjoying our fall weekends.
~Pasadena Gina in Northern Virginia

I am a bit sad to see the end of the challenge as I so enjoy doing the riding, stopping for the tea, and reading about everyone’s adventures.
~Nancy G. in Washington State

Photo credit Tom H.
Photo credit Tom H.

One more ride in celebration of this year’s challenge. Three cheers to Mary and hats off to all those who participated. Because of this we all got to make new friends from around the world.
~Midnight Rider in Massachusetts, who did a celebratory coffee ride with video!

Going straight from PBP to forced couch potato has been difficult for me. Coffeeneuring was just the motivation I needed to force myself to get out for *short*, relaxed, zero-stress rides. It’s been great for my mental health.
~Keith, Washington State

Theo and I had a blast completing the challenge, although there were definitely times where it was indeed ‘challenging’. The enthusiasm, stories, and, of course, delicious looking pictures from people all around the world really made the globe feel small sometimes.
~Dejah and Theo in Seattle

Photo credit to Bear T.
Photo credit to Bear T.

Emma called Coffeeneuring “a deeply rooted tradition” – which is true if, like Emma, you have been Coffeeneuring since you were 12.
~Charlie and Emma, Minnesota

We are coffeeneuring for glory. No, we did not ride long routes, nor invent exquisite ways. But we showed up for the challenge through the hardships of recovering bodies, Seattle weather and life demands.

And we finished, ending not with a loud gulp or a silent sip, but with a most resounding slurp. What could have been more glorious than flamboyantly tasting away tea in a in a Chinese tea house? In full bike gear after riding 4 whole miles? (Good thing we have Sevens, we were wisely told…)

Perhaps celebrating almost 12 years of close friendship, cultivated through movement – run, ride, walk – and warmth. Cheers, coffeneuring, you made our fall gloriously colorful!
~Ana and Rochelle, Seattle

Photo Credit Bill A., the ultimate coffeeneur
Photo Credit Bill A., the Ultimate Coffeeneur

Why would people look for excuses to ride their bikes to coffee shops? As with so many questions in life, the answers may be unique for each of us “coffeeneurs.”

For me, I enjoy the sense of community among people who love to ride bikes and have fun along the way. Making connections on Facebook has added a new component and the chance to see cyclists around the globe connecting.
~Biking Yogini in Northern Virginia

What a blast. I wound up not making it to any Virginia locations for this challenge, but I’m happy with the experience. There were rides with friends, meeting up with friends, looping the city, and meandering around. Just what lazy weekends were made for.
~Paris in Maryland

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and incentive to visit coffee shops around my area.
~Chris in Iowa

Like a brevet control card, this report just doesn’t do justice to what a fantastic little game this was to play. In particular, it accomplished two things that I’m certain were intended along.

First, it reminded me of how deeply enjoyable it is to make your way through the world in the slow lane, to propel yourself forward by means of your own strength and balance, to be in your environment, to feel and follow your breath, to take pleasure in simple things, to foster community—even if traveling solo.

Secondly, it was a weekly celebration of exploration and discovery. The 2015 #coffeeneuring challenge offered me a chance for adventure in my own backyard. I visited two parks I’d never been to before, checked out a diner I hadn’t previously known about, practiced the art of making #coffeeoutside, and rambled down a host of dirt roads I had never been down. This has been remarkably fun.
~@velofolk, Michigan

Photo credit Becky and Laura
Photo credit Becky and Laura

Why do we Coffeeneur? The nice thing about Coffeeneuring is that it finds a happy balance between structure and creativity. Structure – you have to do a specific number of weekend rides, for a minimum distance, drink a beverage, and share your experience.

Creativity – you can ride whichever weekend day you choose (or both!), you can go short or long – anywhere you choose, you have lots of beverages to choose from, and it’s fun to see the wide diversity of photos and posts from all over the world.

Coffeeneuring also gives us the extra push to explore new territory and seek out locally owned businesses for our beverages and treats. We enjoy the quaint and quirky places we have found, along with the beautiful scenery.
~Becky and Laura, Washington State

This was so much fun! I’m so glad that we were able to find time to do this. Our schedule is so non-stop that we only have one day off each week, and usually that day is spent working. I’m so very glad we made time each Sunday (and one Saturday evening) to ride.
~Beth and Chris in Pittsburgh


  1. Wistfully reading the reports as they come in and hoping to be “off the bench” in time for next year’s challenge. I should have two (2) shiny new hips to put through their paces! In the meantime, I get to shop around for a hip-friendly step-through replacement for the Surly Disk Trucker….maybe a Rivendell Clementine? We’ll see! Cheers and Congrats to you, Mary, and to all of the Coffeeneurs!


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