Coffeeneuring 2015: Almost There! Still Time to Submit, and Honorable Mention, Too!

It’s the Coffeeneuring Challenge’s biggest year yet, with more people participating than ever before! After weeks of compiling, most results have been entered into the official Coffeeneuring Challenge database. It’s taken the judges and the coffeeneuring administrative staff longer this year due to (insert excuses here).

Even if you missed the deadline, there is still a window to submit. And, if you were unable to complete all seven rides but did at least half of them, then how about sending in your entries for Honorable Mention?

If you were part of the Coffeeneurs Facebook group, you can send me a note and I can do a search for your entries. It’s that easy. The other ways are easy, too, so don’t be deterred from submitting. If you rode your bike to coffee this year, then you earned the recognition.

I received a sneak peek of what the final patches will look like. The are set to arrive just before the Christmas holiday so I’m holding out hope that I will be able to mail them out before the New Year. I’ll keep you posted, and advise you when patches have been mailed.

Coffeeneur Patch

If you would still like a patch, please let me know. I ordered a few extras! Patches are useful for many things, like sewing onto the holes in the knees of your jeans or the elbow areas of your sweater.

You can put a patch on your backpack or shoulder bag. You can also affix patches to your bicycle bags, which is one of my favorite places.


Coffeeneuring results for 2015 can be viewed by:

  • The Global Cities Map. Shows the current home cities of each coffeeneur for 2015. This map also includes links to coffeeneur blogs and posts. If I somehow missed you, please let me know so I can add you to the map!
  • The United States of Coffeeneuring. The current resident states of the U.S. coffeeneurs for this year. Includes all states except the District of Columbia, which had 13 coffeeneurs.
  • The Coffeeneuring Destinations Map. This map is by, for, and about coffeeneurs, and includes locations and reviews of coffee stops people made in 2015, as well as 2014. Thanks to everyone who brought this map to life.

Because WordPress does not allow me to embed these maps, links will have to do for now.

Coffeeneuring at Colombe

I’m will report a final tally after checking and double checking the numbers, but you can get a sense of them by looking at the different maps, particularly the Global Cities Map.  There are new states and countries on the map this year, which is quite exciting, as well as strong showings from the coffeeneur strongholds. I’ll report back soon.

In the meantime, here is the wrap-up. Let me know if you completed the Coffeeneuring Challenge, send me your Honorable Mention submission if you completed half the trips or more, and in the words of Joe Flood, “Always Be Coffeeneuring.”


  1. It’s theoretically feasible to embed the maps using oembed[] but try as I did last night, it seems harder than it should be. WordPress doesn’t like the iframes, which is what one uses to embed maps in Blogger. It has White List (approved sites like youtube) but Google Maps and Fusion Tables have to be manually added to a White List of approved sites, something that is beyond my pay grade right now, being a Blogger user.


  2. I actually asked WordPress on one of their forums and they responded that it is not currently possible to do this, but apparently they are tracking the number of people who are requesting the ability to embed Fusion Tables into posts. Maybe they’ll eventually add it. I really hope so!


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