Coffeeneurmas Gift List

Holiday time is here, jingaling, a time where many of us rack our brains to think of gifts for those dear to us. To help, I’ve put together a little Coffeeneurmas Gift List for the coffeeneur in your life.

Bicycle lapel pin

Bicycle Lapel Pin

We can’t always be on our bikes, but we can always have a bike near us if we wear this lapel pin from Greenwich Letterpress. With four colors to choose from, you’re bound to find the right match for the coffeeneur in your life.

If, however, none of these are quite your coffeeneur’s style, this enameled beauty from the Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen might do the trick.

Bike-Related Reading Material

Two-time Three-time coffeeneur and friend of the spoked wheel, Urban Adventure League, offers some sweet reading about bicycles. These compact zines easily travel from home to the coffeehouse, or to your favorite shop without walls. They also make good coffee table books, for those times you drink your cup at home.

Larkpress Letterpress
Bicycle Greeting Cards

Everybody needs to send cards once in a while, even if it’s just to say hey. Let the coffeeneur in your life say hello with a classy letterpress bicycle greeting card. LarkPress makes some of my favorites, but I’m also a fan of this tandem design from Ruffhouse Art.

Bike-Themed T-Shirts

It’s not always enough to be riding your bike. Sometimes you need the look to go with it. A bike-themed T-shirt from Pedal Pushers Club can help.

Felkerino and I have owned several Pedal Pushers Club shirts over the years, and we’ve been quite satisfied with their quality. I wish they offered more shirts in women’s sizes, but the “Unisex” selection is solid.

Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen

Reusable Coffee Mug

If your coffeeneur doesn’t already have their own reusable mug, why not help them out this year with a mug of their own? I’ve been using the Association of Caffeinated Wheelmen’s lightweight steel cup. It’s the perfect size for an Americano, and when not in use it stores easily on the bike, either attached to the pannier or stuffed in the water bottle cage.


Bicycle Wall Art

No one can ride all the time, but it feels good to be surrounded with the beauty of bicycling even when indoors. How, you ask? With wall décor, of course!

Bikeyface, who also coffeeneured this year, does an excellent job of capturing what it’s like to use your bike to get places. I have two of her pieces on my wall at work. While I might not have windows (that’s another story), her art reminds me that everyday adventure is just a step away.


Small Storage

Baggies are a bike rider’s friend, but a reusable bag is an even better friend. SnackTAXI makes small bags with velcro closures.

These reusable bags are designed with food and sandwiches in mind, but are an ideal size for stashing away small items on the bike, like tools and a patch kit. The SnackTAXI keeps them all in one place, too. In the past, they offered bicycle designs, but patterns cycle in and out.

Crane bike bell

Bike Bell

“On your left! On your left!” If you coffeeneur in the city, you know that crying out your passing over and over and over can become tiresome. And it’s tough on those vocal chords! Bike bell to the rescue!

There are many excellent bells out there, but over the years, Crane bells have become my favorite. Their ring is clear, and their aesthetic pleasing. You can even find hand-painted designs as well as the classic brass Crane bell. I’ve linked to SOMA’s site here, but many local bike shops also carry them.

Heart plus Sidis

Time to Coffeeneur Together

The most important things can never be purchased, and so I’ve saved the best for last. This year, make time for the coffeeneurs in your life. Drink a cup together and celebrate your friendship. That’s what the true spirit of Coffeeneurmas is all about.


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