Last Ditch Efforts

Annual mileage goals– I never set them, preferring to focus on the events or plans I make in any given year.

And yet, when the twilight of any given year is upon me I find myself inventing, and then fervently striving, for an arbitrary finish line.

My accumulated miles for 2015 are not really remarkable, but I’ll share them anyway.

Bicycle miles: 5,975

6,000 miles is just around the corner.

Danger panda

Running miles: 916

Tantalizingly close to 1,000. But 1,000? Feels overly lofty.
So how about 950? Better. Likely, even.

This matters why? I’ll let you know if I come up with an answer.

But I have done the math and roughly mapped out plans from now until midnight on December 31. They’re in perpetual draft, but they do exist.

I admit it’s a bit silly. Does anybody else do this?

No matter. A little sport in December helps keep end-of-year activities interesting.

Wish me luck!


  1. i wish you luck! are you and ed going to add one hundred miles on sunday riding in circles? were thinking we’ll go down to the ride and ride around a few laps. i really enjoyed your potomac reflections…so true in this region.


  2. Well done, thanks for your blog! My annual totals are 1042km running and ~ 4000km bicycling, this is the first annual tally I have done, it’s nice to quantify the things you enjoy. Best wishes – David


  3. Yes I am doing exactly the same thing! This year I noticed in mid November that I was within practical reach of hitting 10,000 bike miles (not that it REALLY matters but…so close) so I calculated out anticipated daily mileage and have been tracking actual daily mileage and over/under mileage. I’ve just done what I usually do: ride my bike as much as I can within the constraints of life.


  4. I’ve normally set goals for my cycling each year, which has primarily been to beat last year. 6,000 miles in 2013, 6500 last year. This year……5542 and done for obvious reasons. I wouldn’t have beaten last year, but 6,000 was most definitely attainable. I supposedly didn’t set a goal this year, but….. Yeah, I knew in the back (middle?) of my mind that I wanted to beat the previous years. OTH, it was still a fun run.


  5. I like goals and round numbers in principle. But last year I finished the year 18 miles shy of a nice round number (3,000) and thought that was fine for me. I passed that this number year and hit the next nice round number kept going for a bit.

    Those round numbers are a funny thing. It’s good to extend yourself (I’m on a roll with riding to work, 23 straight work days, going for 26 before I leave for vacation) but the numbers themselves aren’t worth all that much, except to how you feel. With nearly 6,000 miles by bike and almost 1,000 miles running, you must feel good!


  6. Impressed with your miles – on the bike and on foot! I do the same thing and have almost reached 4000 cycling miles this year – not bad considering the year included recovery, work, travel. It’s fun to set goals for ourselves – no matter the distance. Love following your blog and your photos – very inspiring. Keep it up as I’m looking forward to following all your accomplishments in 2016!


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