Heavy Hearts and Bicycle Breezes

Heavy hearts are the worst. A heavy heart burrows into your stomach and crowds other organs, causing discomfort.

A heavy heart – being so burdened – needs extra oxygen to function, which can leave a person deflated and lethargic. It takes a lot of energy to endure a heavy heart.

While it seems counterintuitive, a bicycle breeze may help temporarily lighten a heavy heart. Especially an autumn bicycle breeze.

Unlike a winter bicycle breeze – which temporarily numbs – or a summer bicycle breeze – which blows hot humid air all over you – a November bicycle breeze is a light slap on the cheek to bring you around to thoughts of days when your heart didn’t weigh so much.

A bicycle breeze airily penetrates the body, starting with the extremeties of the digits on your hands and feet, and steadily makes its way to your heavy heart. At last, you breathe. You don’t breathe easy, but you breathe.

The air passing over your eyes dries them, but if you gulp in the bicycle breeze and let your thoughts loose, you may experience tears collecting around the rims of your eyelids and then escaping. But the bicycle breeze is ideal for such moments, as it will briskly carry tears away.

Crying can also lighten the heavy heart, at least temporarily. But as I say, that is good for those other organs in the abdomen cramped by your heavy heart.

If you cry, your nose might run so maybe wear gloves, as it’s a little more difficult for the bicycle breeze to deal with runny noses.

Jefferson and Surly on the morning commute

A long ride is not required to reap the full benefits of a bicycle breeze. A short one will do. Your heavy heart will be better for it, and you might even see a way to keep going.

The only long-term cure for a heavy heart is forward movement. Seek the way forward, and let the bicycle breeze push you along.


  1. Very nice sentiment.

    I got one of those rides in yesterday , ending in the chilly dark, not fully heart-lightened, but much better than the previous night left it.


  2. I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night. Just after sunrise I rode my bike home from work after having driven there to return my work vehicle. That ride was the best I felt all day. I thought of turning it into a coffeeneuring ride but I wasn’t sure I could drink coffee in public while sobbing. I know now I would have had plenty of company.


  3. You’re right. My ride to work isn’t long, but it does loosen the knot in my solar plexus a bit. I ’ll work in a longer trip over the next few days to contemplate whether my blue emotional state could be alleviated by pulling my roots out of my red political state and transplanting myself someplace with better biking. Like France….


    • Wait a year before chosing France, just to make sure you don’t have to transplant yourself again.

      Even being over the pond, I’ve just been cycling for the exact same reason… cos it’s a small world. For better and for worse.

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