Once, Twice, Ten Years of Coffeeneuring: Prize for 2020!

Hello coffeeneurs, what’s been going on? Wait, don’t answer that, I’ll tell you what. We are down to the final weeks of the Coffeeneuring Challenge and it’s time for the grand prize reveal for the 10th Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge: One Good Thing.

In keeping with the tradition of previous years, this year’s prize is an embroidered patch designed by Doug of Umbrella Works and made by Falls Creek Outfitters. I also like to pepper the prize with stickers so finishers can expect to receive a couple of those, too.

Doug always evolves the patch design to keep it fresh, while maintaining details from previous years. The 2020 patch will be around 2.5 inches in diameter. Featured hues are Ultra-Fast Pink, Cafe Cafe Cafe, Noir, and Pedal to the Metal. If that color combo doesn’t make you crave the grand prize, I don’t know what will.

Thanks again to Umbrella Works for the creative work and to Falls Creek Outfitters for the stellar patches!

One Good Thing You Might Not Know: Three weekends plus an extra day so if you start tomorrow, you could actually start and complete in time, provided you start Saturday, November 6! I’m not lying, it’s math!

Once the Coffeeneuring Board of Directors has reviewed and approved your submission, you will be able to submit for the prize. In case you forgot, the way to submit your entry is below.

Submitting Coffeeneuring Challenge Rides
  1. How do I submit my rides? Let me know you’ve finished the challenge by emailing me at gersemalina “at” gmail.com by December 6 or so. Please put “coffeeneuring” somewhere in the email subject. You can also ping me on Insta or Facebook.
    • If you complete the challenge with another person, you may provide one combined submission, provided you completed all rides together.
    • Please tell me the number of times you have finished the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and the current home base/city and state for your coffeeneuring rides.
    • Submissions may be via links to blog writeups, screenshots or links to your coffeeneuring Tweets, links to Strava, on-line photo galleries with accompanying narrative, Word documents with attached or embedded photos, or e-mail writeups and submissions with photos attached. You can even mail me photographs that you took with a real camera and developed in an actual darkroom, which someone did one time and it was quite impressive.
    • If you used the FB group to post your rides, I can verify you by searching the group. Please let me know via DM or email so that I know to verify your completion. I’ll also send out a note to the Coffeeneurs Facebook group as the challenge nears the end in case anyone forgets.
    • You can DM me on Instagram if you used that to post all rides.
  2. Prize! Finishers prize is $6 for U.S.-based finishers, and $8 for everyone else. This includes shipping. You can send payment through the following ways: 1) PayPal me at the email above; 2) email me at the email above if you want to go the Venmo route; and 3) send it by mail like grandma used to do. As previous coffeeneurs know, I am a fan of number 3, and all methods work equally well.
  3. When will the patches ship? Usually patches go out in mid-December. I will let you know once they’ve been mailed.
P.S. Socks Update

Socks have been ordered. and they feature the 2020 design. Thanks to everyone for your responses! They are supposed to ship out to me in a couple of weeks (specific date unknown) and I will start collecting pennies sometime next week. Look for a separate post for final socks ordering and payment information.

That’s all for now, everyone. Keep on coffeeneuring!


  1. Oops.
    I just sent payment but didn’t read the part about choosing a color scheme.
    If there’s more than one, why don’t you just surprise me?
    Thanks and as ever, happy riding! — Beth, living the slowbike dream in PDX


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