Socks Final Update: Coffeeneuring Socks Are Here!

The socks truck showed up at my house yesterday and deposited over 350 pairs of coffeeneuring socks on my doorstep. That’s right, everybody, the coffeeneuring socks are here, just waiting for you to put your feet in them! Check out these beauties and see below for all the housekeeping info.

Final Socks Cost Info: The coffeeneuring socks ended up at $20 for the first pair, and $10 for additional pairs. This is to account for shipping.

Shipping Timeline: These will ship one I receive the packing materials, which are yet to arrive. Hopefully I can ship them out Thanksgiving week or so. It’s a lot of socks though, and I am a team of one so please be patient!

Combining with the Grand Patch Prize: You can also wait to have your socks ship with your patch. Please let me know if you prefer one mailing as you are completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge. This means your socks will ship sometime in December, as patches are currently in the process of being made. If no note on preference, I’ll ship your socks separately from your finishers prize.

Payment for those who preordered: First things first, this first section if for those who preordered. You know you preordered if you reached out to me and I responded to you. You can PayPal, Venmo, or snail mail to pay for your sock purchases. Contact me for my Venmo or to mail. Most of you should have my email by now, but if you do not, FB Messenger will also work, as does the blog Contact form.

Whatever payment method you choose, please provide a mailing address and confirm what you are paying for in the PayPal or Venmo comments or via Direct Message on FB Messenger. And again, please let me know if you prefer to combine your coffeeneuring prize and socks mailing together. Otherwise, I will send separately.

But I’m local, can we meet up? Sure! Let’s coordinate, send me a note. Due to the state of things, we’ll do it socially distanced, masks, you know the drill by now.

Local socially distanced socks exchange with Joe Flood

Wait, there’s socks? I didn’t know, but I want a pair! Don’t panic, I still have a few to spare. Please reach out to me and tell me you want socks, the number of pairs you would like, and sizing info. See below for the coffeeneuring socks description and sizing information. Still doing U.S. only because it’s a little difficult to ship internationally right now. I’m sorry about this. If I have any left at the end, I’ll set them aside for those outside the U.S.

Sorry all, all socks in all sizes are sold out for 2020. I’ll keep a waitlist going in the event someone does not follow through with their payment.

Coffeeneuring socks description and sizing:

  • Sizing: Socks come in two sizes, Small/Medium (S/M) and Large/Extra-Large (L/XL).
    • S/M sizing is: MEN (US SIZING) 5-9, WOMEN (US SIZING) 6-10, EURO 37-42
    • L/XL sizing is: MEN (US SIZING) 9 – 13, WOMEN (US SIZING) 10 – 14, EURO 43 – 48
  • What kind of socks are these? Fabric composition is a merino wool and poly blend. The socks are made in the U.S. by SockGuy.
  • Who came up with the awesome design? Designed by Umbrella Works, Doug has created a practical yet stylish design in charcoal gray, deep pink, and white with coffee bean accents to aid us in dressing appropriately for all our coffeeneuring endeavors.

That should cover it, but you still have questions, please let me know, Two weekends left, my friends. Always Be Coffeeneuring!

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