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Category: Everyday Running

January in the District

I moved to the D.C. in the spring of 2001, and watched the Pentagon burn a few months later. I thought those would be the worst days I would see […]

2020 on Two Feet

Running is what I do when I want to sift thoughts through my head. A run helps me believe that life is manageable. I ran steadily in 2020 and ended up […]

Letter from Washington, D.C.

Hello, everyone. In mid-March, the mayor directed D.C. residents to stay at home and since then it’s been strikingly quiet. People venture outside like they’re taking their vitamins, no one […]

All My Yesterdays

My yesterdays are all stacked up in piles. I have the yesterdays of high school, where I dreamed of moving away to the city. There are yesterdays of college and […]

Errundonnee: Running with Purpose

When A View from the Crosswalk completed the very first Errandonnee on two feet – which he called an Errundonnee – I added transportation running as an option for the Errandonnee. Since then, […]

The Running Drug

The trees outside my window waved vigorously, their movement dissuading me from any outdoor time. I checked the weekend temperature, and 30s looked back at me. But with my cycling […]

Harvest in Iowa

It’s been years since I was in Iowa during the fall, but in an effort to avoid the harsher months of Midwest weather, I scheduled an October return to my home […]