My 2017 Errandonnee, or How I Turned My Bike Commute Into Every Category of Errand

This year I attempted both an Errandonnee by bike and one on two feet. I was successful in both, although it involved flexibility in interpretation of the already-broad categories, and almost all trips were linked to a commute. Having started a new job that isn’t as near to downtown and retail, I’m not passing the areas where I regularly run my errands, and I’m still adjusting … Continue reading My 2017 Errandonnee, or How I Turned My Bike Commute Into Every Category of Errand

Errundonnee: Running with Purpose

When A View from the Crosswalk completed the very first Errandonnee on two feet – which he called an Errundonnee – I added transportation running as an option for the Errandonnee. Since then, I have challenged myself to complete both an Errandonnee by bike and one on foot. This is the summary of my two-footed transportation running over the last 12 days of March. Total Errands: 12 Categories … Continue reading Errundonnee: Running with Purpose

My Errundonnee: Exploring Running as Transportation

After I rekindled my interest in running marathons, I began to seek out ways to incorporate additional mileage on my two feet. Since Felkerino and I spend much of our weekend time together on the bike, the long weekend run typical for many marathon runners was not a method that worked for me.

In 2013, I read an article by ultrarunner Geoff Roes about run commuting, and it introduced me to the idea of running as transportation. Since 2005, I have embraced active transportation, but primarily by bike, with some walking thrown in. Geoff Roes’s piece helped me see how I could benefit from the run commute. Continue reading “My Errundonnee: Exploring Running as Transportation”

Errandonnee Rewind: @retrotwenty in Medway, Massachusetts

Before I announce the ultimate list of errandonneurs, I’m featuring @RetroTwenty‘s (Ted) excellent guest post of his Errandonnee. @RetroTwenty is a rider out of Massachusetts, a state with four Errandonnee finishers (good job, Massachusetts!).

As you will see in his post, Ted is fairly adept at securing bike parking, no matter where he might be. Here is his story:

I finally completed one of your challenges! I first heard of your blog during last year’s Errandonnee, which I tried but failed. I had the mileage, but not the number of errands – but I had fun, and I was hooked on both the challenges, and your blog.

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Errandonnee Rewind: Eric P. of BikeDC Becomes a Utility Cyclist

As my blog staff compiles results, I’m taking a few posts to share some Errandonnee participants’ adventures who chose to share their stories, not through Twitter or blogs, but through their control card or narratives.

This week features BikeDC friend and errandeur Eric P., who tells a lively story of how the Errandonnee helped foster his transition to utility cycling and lessons learned along the way. Thank you, Eric, for your fine write-up and for letting me share it!

Bike Commute Corner

I am not a blogger and not much of a tweeter, so I did not document my 2013 Errandonnee as I went along beyond completing the control card and compiling photographs. However, as I completed the control card and compiled my photos I realized that the experience was a bit more than the sum of its parts and needed to be documented in a more thematic way.

By way of background, I am primarily a recreational cyclist. Most of my riding, and the focus of my riding, has been on weekend rides with friends and clubs. I backed into bike commuting as a way to keep in shape and squeeze a few more miles in, but I treated the commute like a workout, even using a fixie, and would not describe myself as a utility cyclist.

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Errandonnee, the Blog Victory Lap

I received so many great blog entries about people’s Errandonnees that I had to do one more blog roundup. Soon I’ll be back to announce the finishers and honorable mentions, but while I homologate results, check out these fine errandeur write-ups.

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