Run Commute Days

Morning run
Morning run commute

With the 2014 brevets completed, I turned to running.

After the 600K, my quads complained. It was as if cement had been deposited into them. My hips and rear were extremely tight and my shoulders slumped from all the time on the bike. My back craved a more upright position.

The run commute has been a great way to transport myself to the office while also giving opportunity for a satisfying stretch of the legs and body. My legs have not had much pop in them the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been running leisurely to work as well as during lunch.

I’ve found the running has countered some of the stiffness and aches brought on by the long days in the saddle. Instead of the circular pumping of my legs, I push back and stride forward.

The run commute is also slightly easier than bike commuting. No managing the bike around cars and crosswalks. It’s me and my Osprey pack. Nice and simple.

Enid Haupt Garden
Enid Haupt Garden

Morning run commutes are the most refreshing. It’s almost entirely runners and office workers about. Swarms of tourists have yet to converge on the National Mall. I can’t say it’s my space, but I feel like I have space. This is a stark contrast to the lunchtime or even post-work runs, where the mantra “flow like water” is ever-present in my mind.

Given the summer plans Felkerino and I have, I need to return to bike training mode soon, but I sure have enjoyed these no-pressure run commute days.


  1. I love to do both. There are def times when running scratches an itch that cycling doesn’t. Although it is challenging to do both. For me it seems like cycling makes things tight for running and running makes your legs tired for cycling..but you stay in really great shape by doing both.


  2. I think alternating running and cycling is ideal. I think running uses different muscles, but it gets the blood flowing all through the legs to flush and heal the cycling muscles, and vice versa. The epitome of cross training. I used to pedal 8 miles to work on Monday, run home. Then the 8 mile run to work and a “long” 25-75 mile ride home on Tuesday. Then repeat for the rest of the week. That had me in the best shape of my life. Then I twisted my knee at work and it all started falling apart, sadly.


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