Errundonnee: Running with Purpose

When A View from the Crosswalk completed the very first Errandonnee on two feet – which he called an Errundonnee – I added transportation running as an option for the Errandonnee. Since then, I have challenged myself to complete both an Errandonnee by bike and one on foot.

This is the summary of my two-footed transportation running over the last 12 days of March.

Total Errands: 12
Categories Used: 8
Miles Run: 41.3

ErRUNdonnee 1, 4.2 miles

3/21 Personal Business – Test Run of New Running Pack and Altras

The search for the perfect pack may be at an end, as I recently purchased a Gregory Miwok 18L pack for running to work. It fits well, does not chafe along the shoulders, and has ample carrying capacity without being bulky.

Before trying out on a commute, though, I wanted to make sure I had adjusted it properly so that it would not flop around. I also took a pair of Altra Lone Peaks I picked up at the recent marathon expo on their first test spin. So far, so good.

ErRUNdonnee 2, 6.4 miles

3/22 Runcommute

This was the first day I ran from home to my relatively new work location – a 6.4-mile one-way run the short way. The short way includes criss-crossing the National Mall and a nice long rise up Massachusetts Avenue. On a bike, this same route becomes too much stop-and-go, but it’s good at a running pace.

ErRUNdonnee 3 – 5, 11 miles total

3/23 Store – Picking up espresso beans at Chinatown Coffee

The coffee bean supply was low and I needed a destination. I meandered over to Chinatown Coffee, choosing a route that passed Bikeshare stops so that I could see if the BikeInBloom was anywhere near me. Sadly, it was not. Beans were in good supply at Chinatown Coffee, fortunately, and I paused for an espresso too.

3/23 Store – CVS for lens cleaner

My glasses have entered the always dirty phase of their existence so I stopped off at CVS for a bottle of lens cleaner. While there, I also picked up a tube of Burt’s Bees lip tint. The hue is “Lily Lake” because I know you wondered.

3/23 Personal Care – Anacostia Loop Run

I searched for the BikeInBloom in a few other Bikeshare docks (nowhere!) and ran off to complete one of my favorite weekend loops around Anacostia Park. A few blossoms were putting in an appearance, and it was nice to see a bit of color by the water on a fairly gray day.

ErRUNdonnee 6, 2.9 miles

3/28 Runcommute

I chose the multi-modal route for this commute, taking Bikeshare from home to Georgetown, and then running up the hill to work via my regular bike route. During the run portion, I intersected with a run-commuter I frequently see, and he asked me if I had converted from bike commuting. Only sometimes!

ErRUNdonnee 7-8, 6.3 miles total

3/28 Social Call – Hains Point

I headed over to Hains Point for what I originally imagined would be a contemplative post-work run. Ha ha ha! It’s cherry blossom season, and no contemplation will be had on Hains Point during that time. Instead, I ran into Felkerino, Judd Lumberjack, Boomer, and Felipe, who were doing laps around the point.

Later, I saw my friend Michael and we had a nice long talk about Uber drivers and other topics. This time of year, Hains Point is ideal for the social call, and I’m always energized when I encounter BikeDC buddies there.

3/28 You Carried WHAT?! – wine, Cadbury eggs, bananas

After Hains Point, I headed over the Safeway for some essentials – a bottle of wine, chocolate mini-eggs from Cadbury (candy kryptonite!) and bananas. So there was a healthy element to my shopping.

I stuffed the items into my Osprey Raptor pack and ran home. I love the material Osprey uses with these packs. It is light yet durable. The Osprey Raptor is an alternate runcommute pack I use. Now that I have a smaller laptop, this pack is perfect, as long as I’m not taking much for lunch. Lunch always takes up more space in my pack than I think it should.

ErRUNdonnee 9-10, 3.7 miles total

3/29 Wild Card – Run to work after work for various reasons

For various reasons, I had to return to the office after the work day to pick up my bike, drop some things off, and fetch some office clothes that needed dry cleaning. I hadn’t planned to go there, but it was a beautiful day and I thought, why not. Plus, I wanted to have my bike ready to ride the next day. I took Bikeshare to Georgetown and ran the rest of the way, taking the scenic route through the trail in Glover Archbald Park.

3/29 Personal Business – Bank

En route to the office, I stopped at the bank for some money. Banks are good for that, I’ve found.

ErRUNdonnee 11, 3.1

3/30 Personal Care – Run home from boot camp

Even though my legs felt a little heavy after boot camp, I made sure to run home because I needed another ErRUNdonnee! Needed it, I tell you!

It was a pleasant evening in the city, and lots of people were out walking and taking in the D.C. sites. Sometimes the city is not so bad.

ErRUNdonnee 12, 3.7 miles

3/31 Non-Store – Mailing a letter in a drop box

Since I started my new job in a new part of the city, I’ve been taking note of the many little Post Office drop boxes scattered about the residential areas. On the final day of the Errandonnee, I penned a letter and went in search of a drop box.

Note to self: there are none of these boxes along Massachusetts Avenue. They really are off the main streets in the neighborhoods. That was okay. I liked running down Massachusetts Avenue. Quite a change from running up it, I’ll say. I kept on going until I found a Post Office drop box in the downtown area of the city. And then I headed off to Whole Foods to celebrate my Errandonnee with chocolate.

Errundonnee success!

I’ve found the Errandonnee to be a fun challenge that takes a bit of planning to pull off. These are more errands than I typically do, but the categories are broad so it’s fairly easy to make similar activities fit different categories.

The idea behind the Errandonnee is that not everything be one single type of ride or run, but it shouldn’t be onorous, either. I enjoyed strategizing about my next errand and trying to run different routes than I normally do. And I was happy to cross the finish line under the wire of March 31 at midnight!


  1. I always enjoy your stories Mary — and this was no exception. Nicely run I’d say. Thanks for the update of you success ;’-)


  2. you make me think about taking up running [well, you and my friend joel, who is a triathlete and gorgeous and one of the sweetest men i have ever met]
    and then i remember how i fall over when i run. maybe, like in the summer, off season, i’ll consider an ewalkundee.
    so thank you for beautiful photos, terrific stories, and inspiration.


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