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Category: Training & Fitness

Adios, Spin Classes

This past month I canceled one of my gym memberships. It’s sort of a long story, but I had maintained two gym memberships since switching jobs in October, and a […]

Becoming Vulnerable to Change

For the past several months, whenever I have ventured to the gym for a weight workout on my own, I’ve repeated the same routine. A routine that works the basic […]

I’m Not Training; I’m Having Fun

Earlier this week I read a brief but informative article in the New York Times called “Training Insights from Star Athletes.”  The Times interviewed three elite athletes who discussed various […]

A Return to the Single Bike Lifestyle

This past year, we retired our custom-fit Co-Motion tandem. It wasn’t by choice. Over the six years we had owned it and an estimated 25,000 miles, it gradually developed a […]

Benefits of Tracking the Miles

I grew up watching my dad, a runner, track his miles. He always took the time to note how far he ran, the day’s temperature, wind direction, and a few […]

The Bicycle Cycle

Given this week’s temperate weather, I’ve heaved a big sigh of relief and welcomed the idea that fall will soon be (if it is not already) here. Fall is my […]