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Rando Q&A with Dan D., Great Lakes and Minnesota Randonneurs

Today it’s all about what’s happening on The Daily Randonneur, where Dan D. of Wisconsin has written a Rando Q&A I think you’ll enjoy.

Dan, living the randonneur lifestyle on the Last Chance 1200K

Click to make the jump and read the post here.

Have a great day, everybody!

Rando Q&A with Andrea M., D.C. Randonneurs

Today the bloggy action takes place over on that other blog I know, The Daily Randonneur, with another Rando Q&A.

Andrea M., of the D.C. Randonneurs, graciously agreed to be a guest contributor for this week’s Rando Q&A. Check the full post out here.

Andrea on the 2012 D.C. Randonneurs 600K

The Rando Q&A features many thoughtful insights about riding brevets from randonneurs in various clubs in the U.S.

If you’ve ever wondered what randonneuring is like or you’re already randonneuring and want to read about other people’s perspectives, a scroll through The Daily Randonneur’s Rando Q&As is well worth your time.

My 2012 Colorado High Country 1200K Story

Hello, readers. Big news! I wrote up my account of Felkerino’s and my Colorado High Country 1200K. It took a while, but it’s finally finished.

Felkerino and me on the Colorado High Country 1200K

I call it a highlight reel because, instead of chronicling the ride as it happened each day, I honed in on the aspects that made the High Country unforgettable.

Check it out here: 2012 Colorado High Country 1200K: A Breathtaking Trip out West. I hope you enjoy reading about this ride even a little bit as much as I loved riding it.

Randonneuring: When it’s Worth the Effort

Morning riding on the DC Randonneurs 600K

This past weekend Felkerino I rode the D.C. Randonneurs 600K. Instead of a full ride report, I wrote up a short reflection about 2012 randonneuring and the Super Randonneur series. It’s on that other blog I know, The Daily Randonneur. Click here for the post.

By the way, thanks to everybody who has sent words of encouragement Felkerino’s and my way this year and followed our blogs. Knowing that people are following the rides, reading our stories, and wishing us well keeps us moving forward. ♥

D.C. Randonneurs 400K

Some of you may know that Felkerino and I spent the last couple of months preparing to run the D.C. Randonneurs’ 400K.

Randonneurs doin’ what randonneurs do… on the Frederick 400K

The ride went off this past Saturday, and I put together a non-ride ride report of the experience.

Ed and me at the 400K finish. Up all night and still smiling! (c) Bill Beck

It’s not posted here, though. Find it on that other blog I know, The Daily Randonneur. Hop on over and check it out.

Paris-Brest-Paris by Tandem

Have you heard enough about PBP yet? Well, hang on just a minute, because I’ve got one more story to share with you.

Felkerino and I co-wrote a short piece about what it meant for us to complete this past August’s Paris-Brest-Paris by tandem. It was published in the most recent edition of American Randonneur, the quarterly newsletter distributed by Randonneurs USA.

Felkerino and me, with Rob Hawks on PBP 2011 (c) Antoinette Galon

Randonneurs USA members may have already seen the article, but for those who have not, we decided to post it over at one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Randonneur. Click on over and check it out. It will make you immediately want to buy a tandem and start training for PBP. Kidding, though I do hope you like it!

See you on the road, everybody.

The 12 Days of Randonneurmas

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be dedicating some time to working with my blogging associate, Felkerino, over at The Daily Randonneur.

Only 29 Days to buy Santa’s Cookies!

Felkerino and I are partnering to celebrate the fourth year of Randonneurmas, that holiday time before the holidays where we spotlight twelve of our favorite randonneuring things. Over the years, we’ve begun to develop a fine catalog of Randonneurmas gifts for cyclists and randonneurs.

Randonneurmas can help you select a thoughtful gift for that special cycling someone in your life, and if you ride a bike, why not treat yourself to a Randonneurmas gift, too. Many of the items we feature are less expensive than a tank of gas, more fun than an oil change, and practical for the dedicated cyclist.

Santa hat = Extra festive + extra nice drivers

Randonneurmas isn’t only about buying cycling-related stuff (though that is a part of it, I confess!). It’s also about celebrating the space that randonneuring and cycling holds in your life.

Please check it out, and I hope you enjoy reading the 12 Days of Randonneurmas as much as Felkerino and I enjoy celebrating and featuring it on The Daily Randonneur.

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Wild Card

The fourth and final category of the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest is the Wild Card. This category allows photos from Populaires and Permanents, and is the catch-all category for those brevet photos that do not seem to fit in Randonneur Lifestyle, Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot, or Spirit of Randonneuring.

I had a couple of photos that fit perfectly as Wild Cards.

George M., DC Randonneurs 400K. May 2010

I’m not sure what exactly George is doing here (observing, learning to paint, giving pointers?), but I just find this picture hysterical. Time out for art on the DC Randonneurs 400K brevet.

Felkerino, PA Randonneurs Stillwater 200K. November ’10

This old gas pump is located at the final control of Tom Rosenbauer’s Stillwater 200K. Felkerino liked it so much he tried to gas up the Co-Motion. Forget about it, Felkerino. That Co-Motion is zero miles per gallon!

OK, kids, that does it for my 2010 “submissions.” What do you have in your 2010 Rando Photo Collection? We’d love to see it highlighted in the TDR Rando Photo Album!

Oh, and happy Friday!!

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Spirit of Randonneuring

Since I began riding brevets, I have often heard the phrase “Spirit of Randonneuring.” Blah blah blah represents the Spirit of Randonneuring. Doop be doop does not. Randonneuring means different things to different people, and the selection of photos below represents the images from this past year that fall into my own definition of the Spirit of Randonneuring.

1. The faces of riders at the early morning starts.

Jeff and Bernd wait to start the DC Randonneurs Civil War Tour 200K

2. Good moments at controls (with good food and sunny days an added plus!).

Team Carnivore eats lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe on the DC Randonneurs Fleche, while Bill takes a photo.

Bob, Scott, and Charlie at one of the post office controls on the Endless Mountains 1000K.

Bob, David G., Justin, and Justin’s brother-in-law take time out for a photo on the Civil War Tour 200K.

3. Pedaling and talking the miles away with others.

Paul D. and Carol on the DC Randonneurs 300K.

Mary C., Carol, and Kelly talking and pedaling on the DC Randonneurs 300K.

4. Helpful and friendly people to sign your control card.

Felkerino making it official at C&O Bicycle, a control on the DC Randonneurs 400K.

5. Having someone ride out and meet you at the end of your big ride.

Jan rode out to meet Nick at the finish of the DC Randonneurs 600K.

6. The accomplishment of finishing your first Super Randonneur series.

John and Cindy became Super Randonneurs upon completion of the DC Randonneurs 600K.

These all define some aspect of my idea of the Spirit of Randonneuring. Like I keep saying, I’m glad I don’t have to pick just one photo to share. Throw your photos into the mix of memories by e-mailing a photo (or two, or three) to gersemalina “at”!

TDR Rando Photo Contest – Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot

With the recent announcement of the 2nd Annual TDR Rando Photo Contest, I’ve been itching to show some of my favorite 2010 brevet moments captured on film.  You saw my Randonneur Lifestyle favorites, and today I’m displaying the Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shots that I thought worthy of sharing.

What is the Obligatory Cow Photo/Nature Shot? Seen on almost every brevet, cows captured on film are a must for completing your brevet photo-set. However, all animals are created equal and this category accepts photos of any and all fauna. This year we are broadening the category to include your landscape photos as well. If it’s nature, we want to see it.

Personally, I am not the best at getting the Obligatory Cow Photo. They all seem to turn out blurry or too small, have their heads missing, or suffer some other problem. Lucky for me, this category is about more than just cows, or I’d have nothing to show you.

DC Randonneurs, Cacapon 200K

This photo, from October, was taken after we had climbed to the High View orchard area in West Virginia. I was so proud of Felkerino and me for clawing our way up there that I felt obligated to memorialize the moment in a photo. I like the look of the apple crates and the sky was incredible that day.

DC Randonneurs, Frederick 300K

This brevet started in Frederick, Maryland, and took us into Adams County, Pennsylvania. Suddenly we saw a horse-drawn buggy coming our way. I love seeing these, and was happy to have captured the moment, although the picture is slightly blurry. Oops!

PA Randonneurs, Stillwater 200K

This picture, taken in November, represents a “this is why we ride” moment for me. We are crossing the Delaware Water Gap. It was a crisp fall day, the sun was just coming up, fall color was in its final glory, and the beauty of the morning overwhelmed me. It was a perfect day to be out on the bike with friends.

As I keep saying, I can’t wait to see the 2010 shots from other randonneurs. Please send a brevet memory or two our way: gersemalina “at”!