You Never Know What’s Going to Happen on Your Sunday Ride

What a great weekend to be outside!  Felkerino and I rode from home on Sunday, with no expectations about the day– only that it might rain in the afternoon and we hoped to be napping then.  Our destination?  Coffee in Potomac, Maryland.  I know, not that exciting, but we do like to ride to coffee.

After about 5 miles of riding, we somehow became enmeshed in the Revolution Cycles group ride.  That was exciting, as lately we’ve been doing a lot of solitary miles.  We were the only ones of the bunch with fenders. And on a tandem. And wearing wool. And… you get the idea.

I pulled out my camera to snap a couple of mementos of the day, and the rider behind me laughed and said “Alright!”  I guess cameras are not as popular with other groups as they are with the randonneurs. “You never know what’s going to happen on your Sunday ride,” I told him.

Riding with Revolution Cycles

We had fun riding along with the Revolution Cycles folks, and then let them go just past Glen Echo, Md. Yes, we let them go before they dropped us :).

We bee-lined our way to the Starbucks in Potomac, where we found a lively scene, dominated mostly by what appeared to be Bike Rack roadies.

Potomac, Md. Starbucks and Cyclists

That group soon departed, and Felkerino and I stayed to enjoy our breakfast.  As we slurped on coffee, a rider wearing a Universal Sports jersey on a Ceepo Viper arrived. I am not much for the carbon bikes, but there was something oddly attractive about this machine, like a cubist painting or something.  Another rider and I were looking at it, and he said that “it looked like a bike that Batman would ride.”

Ceepo Viper

We learned that it was not Batman’s bike. It was Carlos Silva’s, who is the president of Universal Sports! Felkerino found out by asking him about his jersey.  Felkerino thinks Universal Sports’s cycling commentators are doing a great job of covering events.

Felkerino and Carlos Silva

After our lengthy coffee break we did some more tooling around and began making our way back home. Just outside Glen Echo, we stopped to refresh our palates at a lemonade stand that a family was running. It was freshly squeezed, and it was DELICIOUS!

Lemonade Stand – Freshly squeezed, even!
Felkerino and Me with the Lemonade Stand Crew

The lemonade was just what I needed to make it through the ride. A couple “I like your bike!” and ten miles later, and we were home. It was a great weekend, complete with just the right amount of social interaction, coffee (and lemonade!) consumption, and mailbox chasing.

The full set of pics is here. Enjoy!

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