The Perfect Reward for a Rough Commute: Curbside Cupcakes.

Just because I make an effort to be active (commute, run, ride, etc.) doesn’t mean I can maintain a regular diet of treats and junk food. Sometimes, however, I can’t help but indulge.  I can only be good for so long. Plus, commuting can be a rough endeavor in the city. It’s nice to give yourself a prize for those commuting miles every once in a while.

Sweets for the Sweet

One of my favorite spots to grab a sweet treat is Curbside Cupcakes. Some of you locals probably know them, the cupcake truck that runs around the city selling delicious sweet treats. Their cupcakes (particularly the vanilla) are delicious and the service is excellent. I really don’t know how they manage to maintain their good humor and professionalism, especially in this heat.

Sam from Curbside Cupcake. Always happy to feed my addiction.

To find the cupcake truck, I go on-line, check their scheduled stops for the day, see what the current cupcake flavors are, and make sure the stars align with my own calendar and cupcake palette. Some people may think Curbside Cupcakes is too much of an effort, but I think it’s a rewarding sweet experience. AND even though I may be taking in unnecessary calories, that’s ok, because I’m supporting a local business!

The Truck of Goodness.

I can’t afford to eat Curbside Cupcakes every day. They’re three dollars a pop and that’s supposed to be my lunch money.  A daily dose of cupcakes won’t a very sleek bike rider make, and my commute isn’t long enough to burn off all those cupcake calories on a regular basis. It’s a once-in-a-while indulgence that’s an overall great consumer experience and definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in Washington, D.C. Just remember to take the long way home after you buy one!


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