Missing the Bike and Thank You Notes: Quickbeam Edition

Before hitting the road to Florida, I participated in Lovely Bicycle’s “Thanking Your Bicycle” giveaway. She invited people to write a few lines thanking their bikes for all they do.

Cycling has become such a pivotal part of my life. It’s how I recreate, commute, shop, and maintain fitness. It was fun to take a few minutes to scrawl out some lines of gratitude. It also helped that I have spent three of the last four weeks sans bike. I’ve had plenty of time to yearn for my two-wheeled companions.


I wrote two thank-you notes. The first of these was to my Quickbeam, and I included it below. (Don’t tell the Surly Long Haul Trucker. I did not write it a note, even though I love it just as much, ok?! I just ran out of time.) I’ll post the second note later this week.

I never thought I would see my bicycles like living things, but now I see how this kind of bonding can happen. Each of my bikes has a distinct “personality,” excels at different aspects of bicycling, and helps me get around in myriad ways. Thanks, bikes!

My dear friend and companion Rivendell Quickbeam,

Thank you for riding through life with me.

Every time I make the first pedal stroke down my drive I sense our solid connection. My back, arms, and legs feel totally in sync with you.

You respond to my every need, zipping forward as I apply pressure, gently slowing as I apply the brakes to your rims. (I know you deserve better brakes; I promise to work on that next year.)

I revel in the way we manage traffic and commute together. You (and the Tubus) do such a fine job of hauling all my work clothing and necessities. I can even carry a pannier and ride no-handed. That’s awesome! I know sometimes I carry too much stuff and that bothers you, but you never get too cranky with me.

Your tires are the perfect width. We sail down Washington, D.C., roads without fear of cracks and small debris. On days when I feel like a getaway down the C&O Canal, you offer a smooth ride despite the hardpack and bumps.

I love that you have one gear; we have an uncomplicated life together.

Thank you, Quickbeam, for being so amazing. I know I never gave you another name, but Quickbeam fit you so well. I sometimes forget to share my feelings, but know that I always appreciate your steadiness, beauty, and simplicity.

We were made to ride together, and I am grateful I found you.

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