Missing the Bike and Thank You Notes: Co-Motion Tandem Edition

After I finished writing my Quickbeam “thank you” note for Lovely Bicycle’s recent “Thanking Your Bicycle” giveaway, I started thinking about Felkerino’s and my Co-Motion tandem and all the great experiences we have had with it. That Co-Motion is one awesome bike, I thought. It also deserves a few lines.

The Co-Motion on Skyline Drive

Dear Co-Motion Tandem,

I was thrilled when I found out you were going to be part of my life. A bike made especially for Felkerino and me? Fantastic! Remembering the day we brought you home still brings a smile and a thrill up my backbone.

Thank you for making Felkerino and me famous. I wasn’t nearly so popular until I started riding tandem. Now, when Felkerino and I go out with you around the countryside, people often wave, say hello, or ooh and ahh as we go by. I know their reaction is not because of us. It’s the magic of the tandem. It’s you, baby, YOU. But because you cannot speak, we are the beneficiaries of your enticing aesthetic.

Of all the bikes I’ve ridden, you are the one I/we ‘ve put to the greatest test. You are the one we’ve turned to for most of our brevets and multi-day tours. Thanks for putting up with the extra tinkering, roof rack travel, and high expectations. And thanks for not getting ticked off during the occasional tandem team meeting. I’m sure you had an opinion, too.

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