Coffeeneuring Challenge Ride: Peregrine in Eastern Market

Coffeeneuring Ride: Peregrine Espresso. 10-mile ride.

Because our favorite coffee spot, Swings, is not open on the weekends, Felkerino and I have had to venture out into the coffee wilderness. Our coffeeneuring of late has taken us to a few new places, one of them being Peregrine in Eastern Market. It’s a perfect place to take a risk on, as it’s right by the weekend market and you can combine coffee with a produce run.

Peregrine Cappuccino, almost too lovely to drink

I ordered a regular cup of coffee, and found it to be excellent. Smooth and rich!

Felkerino, on the other hand, experienced some initial conflict with Peregrine. First, he ordered a triple espresso long, i.e., extra water in the drink. He anticipated a large-ish serving, and instead received a tiny cup of espresso with a glass of water on the side. This confused him, until he did some online research and coffee klatching about espresso.

Basically, making an espresso “long” the way that Felkerino wants it is a compromise to the espresso. For the espresso to be at its highest quality, it cannot be diluted with extra water. All that is to say, here is what we’ve learned about Peregrine.

1. Coffee made without compromise to quality.
2. Made your way, only if your way coincides with #1.
3. Slight modicum of pretension, but overall, good and friendly service.
4. Music selection is more contemporary and, like what you would hear on KCRW. However, Peregrine is pretty bustling during its peak hours so it’s hard to hear exactly what’s playing.
5. Outside seating makes Peregrine an ideal spot to people-watch, chat, and sip java.

So that’s the roundup on Peregrine. It’s a fine coffee spot, with the bustle of the weekend activities in Eastern Market adding to the overall experience.

Keep me posted on where you’re coffeeneuring!

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