Coffeeneuring Rules Update! Columbus Day Weekend

Coffeeneurs, look up from your Kindles and cappuccinos! I bring you a special update about the Coffeeneuring Challenge!

Tara, a Chasing Mailboxes reader and coffeeneur (or technically, a coffeeneuse), noticed a potential loophole in the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and asked:

Does Columbus Day Monday count as a “weekend” day if I promise only to do two rides that weekend –i.e., Saturday and Monday?

If you learned anything in elementary school, you know that Monday is not a weekend day, but in light of our upcoming holiday I think her request is reasonable and I have made this amendment to the Coffeeneuring Challenge rules:

Rule 15. During Columbus Day weekend (October 8-10), you have three days to accomplish two qualifying coffeeneuring rides. I reiterate– a maximum of two rides for the whole weekend.

Bicycles out Coffeeneuring

Thus, you may coffeeneur on Monday. All other rules apply. If you have to work on Monday, you may combine your commute with coffeeneuring. Monday, October 10, only!

Have a great weekend, everybody. Let the coffeeneuring continue!


    1. Oh dear – not a good start to the day. Can’t even spell my own on-line-not-real-invented-name properly, “Sir Wobbly”.


      1. Oh dear, though you did give me a much-needed laugh! It drives me crazy how so many blog sites don’t allow you to edit comments after posting. Yes coffeeneuring has 15 rules! So will you coffeeneur? It’s good for you!


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