The Army Ten Miler

One of Washington, D.C.’s premier running events took place today, the Army 10 Miler. Felkerino, Lane, and I were leaving town on our bikes just as the race was getting going, and converged with some of the participants as they crossed the Memorial Bridge.

It was a beautiful morning to be outside.

Army Ten Miler runners (Kennedy Center in background)
Army Ten Miler handcyclist
Runners crossing the Memorial Bridge

Runners and handcyclists, you inspire me.


    1. I did not know you all had handcycles as well. Cool! It’s amazing how some people let nothing keep them from being active. Such resolve and commitment.


  1. I ran the race and was feeling pretty sore at about Mile 6. That’s when I came across a Wounded Warrior running with no legs. That kinda put things in perspective for me. It’s definitely inspiring to watch these guys and gals go.


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