Coffeeneuring Challenge Results Part 2: Finishers!


It’s a great day here at Chasing Mailboxes as I am announcing the official finishers of the 2013 Coffeeneuring Challenge!

The 2013 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge is the largest yet, with 121 122 123 125 coffeeneurs following most  all  the rules and completing 7 rides to 7 different coffee shops over a period of 7 weeks.

I have more to share about this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge participants, including more fabulous guest posts, but for now I want to recognize each individual who finished the challenge and tell you what they’ve won.


2013 Coffeeneuring Challenge Finishers

  1. Adam G. @Graffic Red. Santa Barbara, California
  2. Anders L. Märsta SWEDEN
  3. Andy W. awilliams53. Seattle Washington
  4. Anne R. Oakland, California
  5. Annie F. Annie Bikes Burlington, Vermont
  6. Bear T. Thousand Oaks, California
  7. Beth H. BikeLoveJones. Portland, Oregon
  8. Bill A., the Ultimate Coffeeneur, @tangobiker Portland, Oregon (Original Coffeeneur, Three-Time Finisher)
  9. Bob @nycbluegunnar New York City, New York
  10. Bob E. Classic Three Speeds. Purcellville, Virginia
  11. Bryan R. Miles to Go Before I Sleep. Garner, North Carolina
  12. Brook, VelowanderingDC Washington, D.C.
  13. Charlie T. @chasthos Arlington, Virginia
  14. Charlie W. @cdwilson68 Plymouth, Minnesota
  15. Chris R. @readinger11 Arlington, Virginia
  16. Chris R. High Above Ponce. Atlanta, Georgia
  17. Christine T. @CJTrefethen Bethel, Maine
  18. Cindy C. Wendell, North Carolina
  19. Colleen S. Red Riding. Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania
  20. Corbi B. Running and Riding on Nuts & Berries Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
  21. Corey. @cp California
  22. Crystal B. Aesthetics of Everywhere. Santa Barbara, California
  23. Dale C. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  24. Dan B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  25. Dan D. Dan’s Rando Adventures. River Falls, Wisconsin
  26. Mr. Bike Snick. McLean, Virginia
  27. Mrs. Bike Snick. McLean, Virginia
  28. Darin G. Northwoods Trekkers. Duluth, Minnesota
  29. Dave H. Bikes ‘n Coffee. Baltimore, Maryland
  30. David H. Chevy Chase, Maryland
  31. David K. Out and About. Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
  32. Deb D. Debiguity. Arlington, Virginia
  33. Dennis H. Bikes and Beans. Portland, Oregon
  34. Felkerino. The Daily Randonneur. Washington, D.C. (Original Coffeeneur, Three-Time Finisher)
  35. Vannevar. Type 2 Clydesdale. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Original Coffeeneur, Three-Time Finisher)
  36. Emma W. Plymouth, Minnesota (13 years old!)
  37. Enid K. Biking Yogini. Arlington, Virginia
  38. Gary S. Topsham, Maine
  39. George H. Pennsville, New Jersey
  40. George S. The Hudson Valley Randonneur. West Park, New York (Original Coffeeneur, Three-Time Finisher)
  41. Graham R. Portland, Oregon
  42. Gray. Me and the Mundo. Fort Collins, Colorado
  43. Hanna. Hannan pyöräilyblogi. Helsinki, FINLAND 
  44. Heather D. River Falls, Wisconsin
  45. Jan B. Arlington, Virginia
  46. Jason I. @BoyOnABikePA Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  47. Jean R. @jerdlngr. Washington, D.C.
  48. Jennifer T. Everyday Cycling. Leavenworth, Kansas
  49. Jerel F. @yesreallyJerel. Toledo, Ohio
  50. All Kinds of Bikes. Texas
  51. Jim R. Bethel, Maine
  52. Joe P. Bellevue, Washington 
  53. Joe R. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  54. Joe Flood. Washington D.C.
  55. Ms. Birdie. Chicago, Illinois
  56. Rootchopper! A Few Spokes Shy of a Wheel. Alexandria, Virginia
  57. John E. @capn_rando. Asheville, North Carolina
  58. John R. portajohn Washington, D.C. (Original Coffeeneur, Three-Time Finisher)
  59. Jolene I Live. I Write. I Ride. Eugene, Oregon 
  60. Joyce G. Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
  61. JP. Arlington, Virginia
  62. Kate @PirateQueenKate. Washington, D.C.
  63. Kathleen O. Experiential Urbanism. Richmond, Virginia 
  64. Katy C. The World As I See It. Ottawa, Ontario CANADA
  65. Kayoko N. Märsta SWEDEN
  66. Keith M. Keithmo Bikes. Woodenville, Washington
  67. Kristin. Arlington, Virginia
  68. Lauren M. Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  69. Linda. The Surly Chronicles. Albany, New York
  70. Lisa M. @LDMay Takoma Park, Maryland
  71. Lisa S. Rambling Rider. Washington, D.C.
  72. Lynda T. Thousand Oaks, California
  73. Lynne F. Lynne’s Mostly-Cycling Blog. Portland, Oregon
  74. Madeleine Family Ride. Seattle, Washington
  75. Maija. Shank Rides Bikes. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  76. Marcello N. Co Laois Ireland
  77. Margaret. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  78. Martin. @martinbrice1 Kent, England GREAT BRITAIN
  79. Maureen W. Lynchburg, Virginia
  80. Michal. Melange. Eugene, Oregon
  81. Mike T. Cruisin’ Downhill. Edmonton, Alberta CANADA
  82. Mike @HRDTRVLNQ. Not Distance/But Depth. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  83. Nathan. Clodhopper Rides. Sioux Center, Iowa
  84. Nick B. Arlington, Virginia
  85. Nicole. Pedal ‘n Purl. Washington, D.C. (Original Coffeeneur)
  86. Nigel G. Iron Rider. Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
  87. Owen B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (7 Years Old!)
  88. Patrick. Forest Hills, New York
  89. Patti B. Newark, Delaware
  90. Paul W. Lynchburg, Virginia
  91. Pete D. Back In The Saddle. Falls Church, Virginia
  92. Rebecca. Musically Middlebrow. Seattle, Washington
  93. Rob. The Eleven Point-Five Gulf Breeze, Florida
  94. @rflgenn Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  95. Rosie R. windowseatview Irongray, Dumfries SCOTLAND
  96. Rudi R. randomduck Washington, D.C.
  97. Ryan Dupre. Kingsville, Maryland
  98. Ryan G. Captain Hairdo. Portland, Oregon (Lanterne Rouge!)
  99. Sally H. Town Mouse. Irongray, Dumfries SCOTLAND
  100. Sally. St. Petersburg, Florida (5 years old!)
  101. Sara H. Lanterne Rouge. Topsham, Maine
  102. Sarah. I Have Ideas and I Like Stuff. Washington, D.C.
  103. Shawn G. Urban Adventure League. Portland, Oregon 
  104. Shawn L. Washington, D.C.
  105. Simon B. @whatsupwheaton Silver Spring, Maryland (Original Coffeeneur, Three-Time Finisher)
  106. sprite. sprite writes. Washington, D.C.
  107. Steve A. @bikeska Burtonsville, Maryland
  108. Steve. Singularity. Madison, Wisconsin
  109. Steve. @getzow Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  110. Stuart S. @bus15237 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  111. Susan O. Small Engine, Big Tank. Portland, Oregon
  112. Susie. As Seen From My Bike. Pittsburgh, Pennylvania
  113. Tara (Tara Rule) H. News & Commentary. Silver Spring, Maryland (Original Coffeeneur, Three-Time Finisher)
  114. Ted T. Banking Time. Eagle River, Alaska (Original Coffeeneur)
  115. Ted @MrTinDC Washington, D.C.
  116. Tom D. Anchorage, Alaska
  117. Tim. An Old Guy on Two Wheels Austin, Texas
  118. Tim S. Tex’s Luavull Cycling. Louisville, Kentucky
  119. Tom H. Bicycling Bonanza. Billings, Montana
  120. Tony. Del Ray to DC. Arlington, Virginia
  121. Tracy H. I Like Bikes. Denver, Colorado
  122. Trish P. Northwoods Trekkers. Duluth, Minnesota
  123. Vance. Irrelevance. Greensboro, North Carolina
  124. Vicki C. Bicycles in Newcastle. Newcastle, AUSTRALIA
  125. Will @Will_Lynn McLean, Virginia

Coffeeneuring patch

What Did I Win For Finishing?

This year’s premium is a custom patch in the shape of a coffee cup with the title “coffeeneur” embroidered in black letters along the bottom of the cup. I will be mailing one to each finisher and you may expect to receive yours around the new year. I will let you know when I send them out so you may know when to expect them.

Hey, I Should Be On This List!

Did I miss you? Was your submission lost in the ether? Let me know via the “Contact” tab and I will adjust the results accordingly.

In addition, if there is any change you would like to make to how your name is displayed, please inform me of that as well.

Congratulations to everyone who finished!


  1. So many coffeeneur finishers! Even 2 others from Maine! So awesome. We were really happy to be able to get all 7 in this year, it was super fun (aside from the back injury…). One little correction, Gary H. is actually Gary S., we have different last names. 🙂


  2. Thank you, MG for a wonderful event. I went through the list twice, and if I counted correctly, I am the only Vermont finisher. Come on Vermonters, for a state that is voted second healthiest, there ought to more than one on this list!? Next year, I’ll be broadcasting this event to challenge regional riders.


  3. Yay, I’m on the internets! Thanks again, MG, for organizing such a fun fall adventure. Hope you get a bit of rest around the New Year before starting up again. Hey, wait, the Rapha Festive 500 starts in just nIne days!


  4. OK. I have a confession which I failed to mention while compiling my coffeeneuring adventures. On the way back from my final trip to City Brew, a wonderful Montana-based chain of coffee shops, I stopped by my favorite local brew pub, Carter’s, and had a pint. It’s just that the wind was in my face and I had worked up a powerful thirst, and besides, the sun was over the yardarm. Perhaps next year there could be a special category for pilsneering. porterneering?
    Just a thought.


  5. Thanks for organizing this! I had a lot of fun getting back on my bike after a break this summer initially due to a minor injury and then extended due to major inertia. This was a great way to get back riding, and to do some more local rides than I usually due. Lots of fun! I am going to try to make it at least a monthly thing from her on.


    • That should be; more local rides than I usually *do*, and trying to make it a monthly thing from *here* on. Although riding from her on might be interesting too. (I can spell fine; it is my typing that’s the pits.)


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