#Coffeeneuring Rewind: @nikki_d and @dirteng

Coffeeneuring rewind pedals on, and today we go into the heart of Washington, D.C., and feature two D.C. bloggers and coffeeneurs.

First, we have @nikki_d, who writes the blog, Pedal ‘n Purl


She visited the following spots to meet her Coffeeneuring Challenge goals. Click on the coffee shop to get the full coffeeneuring scoop.

Ride 1, Pound Coffee

Ride 2, Chinatown Coffee

Ride 3, Azi’s Cafe

Ride 4, Tynan Coffee and Tea

Coffeeneuring Interlude, Roasting Plant (not by bike :(, but a cool spot nonetheless. Plus, I love the term “coffeeneuring interlude.”)

Ride 5, Tryst

Ride 6, Filter

Ride 7, Peregrine Espresso

@nikki_d impressed me by routing her trip to Peregrine Espresso through the 12th Street Tunnel. No, I am not kidding. She rode through that bad boy to avoid the Marine Corps Marathon traffic. Yeah, it was a Sunday, but still. That’s hard core coffeeneuring.

(c) Pedal ‘n Purl

During her coffeeneuring venture to Tryst, she also traversed the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes, and experienced several drivers making illegal u-turns in front of her. I hardly take these lanes anymore because of this frequent occurrence. I like to minimize my chances for getting unexpectedly hooked.

@nikki_d surprised me by being a “no art on my cappuccino, please” coffeeneur, which she shared during her writeup about Peregrine. Who knew? I thought everybody loved the coffee art. Also, have you ever heard of a flat white? I could be the last coffeeneur to know.

In another part of the city @dirteng, of the blog Porta-John, was also out diligently making his own coffeeneuring rounds.


@nikki_d and @dirteng (John) overlapped a fair amount in their coffeeneuring destinations, though their sequencing varied. @dirteng’s trips went like this. As noted above, click on the shop to get the full coffeeneuring rundown.

Trip 1 – Peregrine Espresso

Trip 2 – Azi’s Cafe

Trip 3 – Chinatown Coffee

Trip 4 – Ebenezers Coffeehouse

Trip 5 – Baked and Wired

Trip 6 – Pound

Trip 7 – Tryst

John squeaked at least one of his coffeeneuring trips just within the minimum 2-mile round trip distance requirement, clocking his trip to Pound coffee at 2.03 miles. Just. Barely. Made it!

I loved reading about the treats that coffeeneurs shared in their posts. John’s treats included a “nut bar thing” a couple of sesame bagels, and a brownie. Yum.

John also included a rationale for all of his outings. They were:

  • “Just because (but then I decided to stop at Eastern Market Farmers Market too);”
  • “For coffee, and also grocery shopping;”
  • “For coffee and a bite to eat;”
  • “Coffee;”
  • “Errands in the city;”
  • “Thirst;” and
  • “Cruising around.”

Clever! Apparently, John also fell in love with the Americano during his final coffeeneuring outing to Tryst. Coffeeneuring: changing lives one bike ride and beverage at a time.

Want to read a couple of blogs that feature life in Washington, D.C., from the perspective of cyclists? Look no further: Pedal ‘n Purl and Porta-John are worth checking out.


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