Pitter Patter: Cold Winter Days in D.C.

A midday run on the Mall. A bitingly cold commute to work.

The city looks different, feels distinct over a light powdering of snow.


Tourists head indoors, to museums and gift shops. Runners dwindle, leaving only those undeterred by the chill.

The cold shocks me initially. A few steps and warmth returns, allowing me to assess my surroundings and appreciate the day.

Pitter patter. Pitter patter. My shoes fall softly on the snow-dusted ground. Their sound is meditative.


Faster runners pass me. My path intersects with others approaching from the opposite direction. Many of us smile as we pass or give a wave from the hip.

I don’t know where these feelings of fellowship originate. Maybe it’s the manner in which these conditions invigorate us.

Ironic, I think, that these chilly winter days make us warm to each other. I continue on my way, stepping lightly. Pitter patter. Pitter patter.


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