The Magic Errandonnee Map and Other Important Errandonnee News

Surly and Pecan Pie

Today we’re back with Errandonnee news. Here is the exciting rundown:

  • Deadline for Submissions. You have until February 28 March 1 (deadline extended!) to submit your Errandonnee control cards. Please send them to me at gersemalina “at” NOTE: I will confirm receipt of your submission via email. 
  • Honorable Mention! If you planned to complete the Errandonnee,  but were unable to fit in all twelve rides, feel free to submit those you did. You may qualify for the not-quite-as-prestigious-but-still-pretty-good Honorable Mention category! Deadline for submission to the Honorable Mention category is Sunday, March 3.
  • Magic Errandonnee Map! The magic map is back, this time as the Magic Errandonnee Map. It’s not as grand or high-tech as the “magic wall” map CNN impressed me with a few months back, but almost. Look, we don’t have quite the same budget on this blog.
Magic Errandonnee Map
Magic Errandonnee Map

To date, I have received submissions from 16 states, including the District of Columbia.

Two Errandonnee entries came from Canada (one from Toronto, Ontario and another from Edmonton, Alberta). Three more have arrived from: Dumfries, Scotland; Alicante, Spain; and Marsta, Sweden.

Upon the addition of the Canadian errandeurs, the Magic Errandonnee Map began to struggle. Freehand drawings of parts of both Alberta and Ontario are shown, but they are really not that well-drawn nor to scale with the rest of the map.

As you can also derive from the picture above, the Magic Errandonnee Map needs an upgrade to accommodate international submissions from faraway places like Scotland, Sweden, and Spain. (And just so you all know, I am not the best at geography, but I am aware that Sweden is north of Scotland, which is north of Spain.) I’m working on adding a Magic Errandonnee Map (Europe and Canada editions!) so that I will have a better portrayal of these Errandonnee entries.

I’m so impressed by the number of people who did not let winter’s cold sway them from completing the Errandonnee. “Cold? What cold?” (I imagine they said things like this, in deep and hearty voices.) They still ventured out and got it done.

I’ll be back soon with more errandeur highlights, but in the meantime, send me your entry by March 1!

And remember, even if you did not complete the full 12 errands, you may still be in the running for Honorable Mention!


  1. I’d really like to do one of your errandonees, but this last one; well, I just don’t do that many types of errands. Now coffee, that’s another story. Enjoy your blog.


  2. I only discovered your blog the other day so I haven’t participated in Errandonne but I just wanted to say it is a spectacularly wonderful idea!


  3. The map is good and you are kind to include our northern entries. Any wonky proportions don’t bother me at all as I used to play a lot of the board game Risk when I was a kid.


  4. Ah, I’m sorry to have missed the deadline for this. Know that you had another unofficial participant in Calgary Alberta. Thanks for the challenge… it got me back on my bike after spending most of the winter taking the bus.


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