Errandonnee, the Blog Victory Lap

I received so many great blog entries about people’s Errandonnees that I had to do one more blog roundup. Soon I’ll be back to announce the finishers and honorable mentions, but while I homologate results, check out these fine errandeur write-ups.

bicycles sign

  • The Daily Randonneur, who many of you know from this blog as Felkerino, becomes the Urban Errandeur.
  • Another #BikeDC cyclist, Portajohn, is one of only three people to complete all of the challenges hosted by this blog. Read about his Errandonnee and, while you’re at it, let him know if you’d be interested in a “Beervet” sometime.
  • Vermont errandeur Annie Bikes finds a smart solution to her cold toes and rolls to her Errandonnee finish line. Technically she is a couple of errands short, BUT the judges have made an executive decision to award an official finish because, hey, she’s errandeuring in February in Vermont.
  • One of my favorite bikes, the Surly Long Haul Trucker, disc version, was represented in the Errandonnee by an errandeur in Albany, New York. Read about it on the Surleigh Chronicles. I love the errand with the photo of the kid checking out the helmet mirror. Mirrors are errandeur chic!
  • Mansker Upcycled wonders if the Errandonnee made her develop a mileage tracking and photography addiction. See her thoughts on the Errandonnee’s after effects.
  • An honorable mention in Australia! It’s true!
  • The first participant I’ve ever had from Illinois, the self-proclaimed Absent-Minded Errandeur in Chicago, has a great blog full of cool used frames that he builds up and sells. He also chronicled his winter Errandonnee, full of errands that seemed to frequently involve bike parts.

Friday Coffee Club

  • Cyclist and blogger Jesse, of a Rebalanced Life, takes us on a virtual tour of his errandeuring life in Seattle, Washington. It includes one stop to a bike shop that is also coffee shop. Sigh. I love those places.
  • Debiguity, a rider (and coffeeneur) in Arlington, Virginia, snuck in a full Errandonnee when I wasn’t looking. Nice job!
  • Errand 12, dance rehearsal. Is it personal care? Is it a wild card? PhysicsGirl in Toronto knows.
  • Kate in D.C. shakes hands with Joe Biden on Ash Wednesday, and other Errandonnee tales you should not miss. Read them here.
  • Working at a bike shop arguably gives a person a slight advantage in the Errandonnee, as you can count trips to the shop as a bike shop errand or work. Chistopher Walsh, of New York City, is one such errandeur and he’s chronicled his Errandonnee on his eponymous tumblr site.
  • Iowa! For the first time ever, Iowans have participated in one of my challenges. Two of them, even. And one even blogged about it! Clodhopper narrowly avoids the Midwest’s “snow hammer” in his Errandonnee quest.
  • Cargo bike. Kids. Errands. Family Ride in Seattle gets it done in style, with excellent photos to boot.
  • SouthLakesMom runs errands, takes photos with her helmet strategically placed in them, rides the requisite mileage plus, and completes the Errandonnee!
  • Red-Eyed Tree Frog of Colorado joined the Errandonnee fray a little late, but she continued undeterred. And guess what? She did it!
  • The final Errandonnee shot is too perfect! Another late starter, Lisa of California embarks on an errand-filled three days that finishes with a victory lap flourish, calling it L’Errandonnee (so fancy!).
  • ALABAMA! Yes, I said Alabama. Read on, I tell you.
  • JChernekoff completes her Errandonnee up in Pennsylvania and wonders why Easter chocolates are available in February. I don’t know, but I do love those milk chocolate Cadbury mini-eggs with the candy shell.
  • Errandonnee Forever.” Me and the Mundo of the bike-friendly city of Fort Collins, Colorado, writes that errandeuring is a way of life. I agree.


  1. Thank you for he honourable mention, though I do feel unworthy of it. In next years challenge I will better represent the land from down under.


  2. Hi, I just found your great Blog. It’s too bad I missed your Challenge. Next year I’ll give it a try in the snow.


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