Blossomwatch 2013: It’s Happening


Felkerino and the blossom Canope

Aaron and Felkerino

Group photo by the blossoms

Morning peak blossom lap on Hains Point

Michael and Felkerino

Dave D. and Michael


Lane, Sunset, Surly, and Cherry Blossoms

It’s happening.


  1. Beautiful to see the blossoms. I always wait for the first crocus to pop its head up here in South Dakota. Unfortunately we’re up to our a&&es in snow today. Shoveled at least 2ft off the driveway and it still snowing hard.


    1. I’ll second the “wish I was there” sentiment. No snow (yet) in Iowa, but lots of ice and downed trees. We need the moisture, but this is a messy way to get it. Thanks for the photos!


      1. Sorry to hear about the inclement (and less-than-pleasant) weather out your way. Spring is coming your way soon, I hope!


    1. Thank you both! Annie, if you do come our way sometime, you have to let us know so we can meet up. You too, Georgie, though you are a little farther away :).


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