Coffeeneuring in Kilometers: Anders and Kayoko in Märsta, Sweden

Today’s post is a virtual coffeeneuring trip to Sweden. Anders and Kayoko, who reside in Märsta, recently completed coffeeneuring together and today I’m featuring their Coffeeneuring Challenge write-up.

While Anders also completed the Errandonnee earlier this year, Kayoko and he are the first coffeeneurs from Sweden. Well done to you both!

Note: This entry may require you to do a little math when looking at the distances of each of their outings, as they coffeeneur in kilometers there!

Trip 1:  October 6

Väsby Gård Naturcafé


It’s a basic café with buns and homemade sandwiches run by volunteers from the Outdoor Advocacy Association and Nature Preservation Association.

Today’s choice: 2 hot chocolates

1b - Coffeeneuring

To the café: Train plus 6 km riding
Return: 30 km of dirt roads through beautifully coloured autumn forests.

Trip 2:  October 12 

Husby-Ärlinghundra Church, Coffee Shop Without Walls

Today’s ride was a part of what I call the church loop. It’s a winding road through fields, past a couple of medieval churches.

We only went to the first church and sat down there on a bench at the Coffee Shop Without Walls, and then took the cycling path back.

2a - Coffeeneuring

Apple & cinnamon tea, Ballerina cookies and licorice chocolate from the Carradice Shopper.

Brewing process: Hot water from a thermos, tea bags.

2b - Coffeeneuring

Total distance: 6 km

Trip 3:  October 13

Knivsta Konditori

3b - Coffeeneuring

It’s bakery run by two sisters in the neighboring small town, Knivsta. Popular with locals and cyclists. They also specializes in custom made cakes.

3a Coffeeneuring

Coffee, blue fruits tea, cakes.

Total distance: 32 km

Trip 4:  October 19

R C Chocolate

A visit to a top class chocolatier in the cute old town Sigtuna on a frosty weekend. I was a bit surprised to see so many tourists in Sigtuna even in autumn.

4a - Coffeeneuring

Hot chocolate (made from melted chocolate, not cocoa powder), chocolate cakes.

4b - Coffeeneuring

Total distance: 18 km

Trip 5:  October 20

Märsta Water Park, Coffee Shop Without Walls

5c - Coffeeneuring

My planned long coffeeneuring trip wasn’t possible to do. Instead we did a short trip when it was already starting to turn dark.

We normally don’t visit coffee shops within walls much, instead we often visit coffee shops without walls. This particular Coffee shop without walls opened up some years ago, but we’ve never visited it. Maybe because it’s a bit too close from home. But it was a nice place. We’ll probably visit again.

5a - Coffeeneuring

We had tea and consumed half of a homemade Windsor cake just before leaving, so I didn’t bring anything to eat this time.

5b - Coffeeneuring

Apple & cinnamon tea

Brewing process: Hot water from a thermos, tea bags.

Total distance: 5 km

Trip 6:  October 27 

Märsta’s other water park, Coffee Shop Without Walls

Summer time ended during the night. It was very noticeable when we went coffeeneuring in the afternoon. This time, the coffee shop without walls was also a place that opened a few years ago, and we have ridden past it many times when looking for mushrooms.

6b - Coffeeneuring

But normally have our tea time in the forest on such occasions, so we haven’t actually tried out the installation until now. We discovered that it has a BBQ. I don’t think we would ever visit this place without the coffeeneuring challenge.

6c - Coffeeneuring

We stopped to say hello to the highland cattle.

Homemade chestnut cream roll cake.

Fennel tea

Brewing process: Hot water from a thermos, tea bags.


Total distance: 4 km

Trip 7:  November 2 

Arlanda Stad, Coffee Shop Without Walls

Combined errand and coffeneuring trip to yet another Coffee shop without walls.

7b - Coffeeneuring

Dammsugare (= an arrack tasting cake called vacuum cleaner, because it looks like a vacuum cleaner) Matcha Pocky

Apple & cinnamon tea

7a - Coffeeneuring

Total distance: 11 km

Thank you for showing us around your part of the world, Anders and Kayoko, and congratulations again on 1. completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge; and 2. being the first participants from Sweden!

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