The Spirit of Coffeeneuring: JP and Kristin in Virginia

Today I was pondering the spirit of coffeeneuring. Coffeeneuring is about encouraging people to celebrate the simple act of riding a bike and enjoying a beverage either alone or with friends.

It’s about getting out on our bikes at times when we otherwise might not, and being glad we made the extra effort. When you coffeeneur it does not matter how far you went (okay, you should go at least two miles). Really, the important thing is that you rode your bike somewhere.

As we head into the weekend, I’m pleased to feature this guest post from JP and Kristin, a coffeeneuring team from Arlington, Virginia, as I think their photo set  and write-up capture many of these aspects.

Coffeeneuring-JP and Kristin

Ride #1, 10/13/13 

High Bridge State Park, VA
Starbucks VIA made in the Jetboil
18 miles on the High Bridge trail

We had planned to stay the weekend (hotel not camping) but due to weather only rode one day. Upside of the weather meant the trail was mostly deserted. Saw a lot of deer and birds.

Coffeeneuring - JP and Kristin

Ride #2, Columbus Day (Tara Rule)

Starbucks @ Virginia Square, Arlington VA
3.7 miles

Quick run for tea and a soy latte. First attempt at using handlebar box for beverages. The tea was ejected on a bump and run over by a car shortly after this photo was taken.

Coffeeneuring-JP and Kristin

Ride #3, 10/19/13

Lee Highway 7-11, Arlington VA
2.1 miles

Night ride to get snacks and check out Halloween decorations. Uneventful, overall good use of plastic skeletons was observed.


Ride #4, 10/20/13

Marvelous Market, The Palisades, Washington D.C.
9.1 miles

Ride across Key Bridge to the Palisades Farmer’s Market. Coffee from Marvelous Market, bread from farmer’s market, guac and hummus from Safeway. Amazing weather.


Ride #5, 11/02/13

South Street Under Coffee Shop,* Leesburg VA
21.2 miles

Really windy and cool day on the W&OD Trail. We parked in Leesburg and rode to Purceville and back. The fall colors were awesome and the trail wasn’t crowded at all. Lots of horses and a skittish poodle.

*Editor’s question: How is the coffee at South Street Under? I might have to add it to my Coffeeneuring World Tour Wish List.

Coffeeneuring-JP and Kristin

Ride #6, 11/16/13

Northside Social, Arlington VA
2.6 miles

Late night coffee run. We sat outside and did some people watching since Clarendon was in full weekend effect. Had a good conversation about heavy metal with the guy making coffee.

Coffeeneuring-JP and Kristin

Ride #7, 11/17/13

Java Shack, Arlington VA
8.1 miles

We capped off a neighborhood exploration/errand ride with lattes at Java Shack. Hit up the library, checked out some houses, stopped for beans and rice.

Thank you to JP and Kristin for your guest post and congratulations on completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge!

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