Coffeeneuring States and Cities

Coffeeneuring-Sipping Chocolate

The total number of official coffeeneuring finishers reached 125, with 11 of them being from places outside the United States.

Of these 11, there were three coffeeneurs from Canada, two from Scotland, two from Sweden, one from Australia, one from Finland, one from Ireland, and one coffeeneur from England.

2013 Coffeeneurs by State - Pie

In the United States, 114 people officially finished the challenge. If you include the District of Columbia as a state (which I do because a girl can dream), coffeeneurs hailed from 26 distinct states.

Below is a bar chart of the breakdown of participation by state. For all charts in this post, click to enlarge.

2013 Coffeeneurs by State - bar

States that had six or more Coffeeneur Challenge finishers in 2013 were:

  • Virginia – 18 
  • Pennsylvania – 17
  • D.C. – 13
  • Oregon – 10
  • Maryland – 7
  • California – 6

These states account for just over half of the Coffeeneuring Challenge total.

2013 - Top Coffeeneuring Cities

I also looked at participation by city.

In 2013, the top four Coffeeneuring Challenge cities were:

  1. Washington, D.C. – 13
  2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 10
  3. Arlington, Virginia – 9
  4. Portland, Oregon – 8

Together, these four cities had a combined 40 coffeeneurs. Last year, the top coffeeneuring cities made up just about half of the challenge’s total.

This information tells me a few things. Coffeeneuring is growing and it is spreading out to new areas. More states are represented in coffeeneuring than in previous years.

While the top four coffeeneuring cities had at least eight coffeeneurs, one or two people coffeeneured in several other cities and towns throughout the U.S.

I think adding the Coffee Shop Without Walls category allows the Coffeeneuring Challenge to appeal to a broader range of communities. People have more flexibility with making the challenge into something that fits their environment. Maybe that is reflected in this as well. I’d like to think so, at least.

I’m excited to see how people have embraced this fall challenge. I love seeing those who have returned each year to give coffeeneuring another go. I still plan to share more coffeeneuring guest posts as we march on into this new year. Stay tuned.


  1. Mary, your efforts and leadership are greatly appreciated. I am frustrated by missing out in 2013, and am SO ready for Coffeeneuring Challenge for fall 2014.


    • That is so great to hear! I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts. Your recent coffee outing had me laughing out loud!


  2. Mary, thanks for your initiative and support of this. It’s a lot of fun but for you, a lot of work. Thank you.

    You may not know that being Parochial Grieving is a core competency for Pittsburghers. (1) Denial: What, you had to invent a metropolis to take #1 from Pittsburgh? (2) Bargaining: Does the Pittsburgh total represent the several DC participants who had to Coffeeneur in Pittsburgh in order to complete the requirements?

    I’m sure that eventually I’ll progress to Depression. LOL. thanks Mary!
    ps are there stats on 3-time participants?


    • Vannevar, I hope these stages don’t last long and that you are back to your original self soon! Anyway, #2 as a state and #2 as a city is nothing to sniff at. I say great job!


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