Four Years of Chasing Mailboxes

In the middle of a love affair with bicycling and Washington, D.C., I wrote my first post for Chasing Mailboxes. Four years later, this blog is still going. The love affair has hit some sticky wickets over time, but most days it continues, too.

In the initial year, posts read more like postcards than letters. More reserved with my topics and content, I often wrote from the outside in, contemplating what the blog’s audience would think while I composed each post.

Over time, that changed and this space became a place for greater reflection.

Now I post more about whatever is knocking around in my head, and wonder as I press the big “Publish” button if anyone who reads this blog may have felt something similar or have some perspective to offer. I have enjoyed the progression.

I also write, as my friend Nick commented recently, as a way to memorialize my experiences and to say “I was here. I did things.”

Recently I compiled my posts by year (2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013) and I have added those to the menu at the top.

Photo by Bill Beck
Photo by Bill Beck

Chasing Mailboxes readers, you have been so encouraging over the years, and the feedback I have received from you has been helpful, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Chasing Mailboxes challenges and to those who have written guest posts for the blog. This blog is better by your being part of it.

Thanks to Bill Beck for all the rando photos he has taken of Felkerino and me over the years.

I am so appreciative to those that have stopped by to read Chasing Mailboxes. Many thanks to you who have commented, liked my posts, and encouraged me in one way or another to keep writing.

Finally, a special thank you to Felkerino, my randonneur and real-life spouse, for sharing so many of these great adventures and memories with me.

Cheers, everybody.


  1. Congrats on four years! I’ve been following you for a little over two years and although I rarely comment I love to see what cool bike adventures you share. Your cycling world is so different from mine in the mid-west and it’s cool to see a different world. From one cycling lover to another, keep the pedals turning and the stories comin’!


    • Thanks for reading! Having grown up in a rural part of the Midwest, I agree that the riding out here is distinct. I like both, but different experiences…


  2. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a couple of years ever since I saw a reference to it from my friend Branson Kimball. I’m not sure I have ever commented before but I have always enjoyed your posts.

    My wife and I have been planning for the past couple of years to move from NC to the DC area so I have used your blog posts to learn more about general cycling in the DC area with a specific interest in randonneuring. Needless to say, I like what I’ve seen. We are breaking ground on a new house in Silver Springs later this summer and will be moving up when it is completed in early 2015.

    I intend to keep my NC Randonneurs membership but am also planning to join DC Randonneurs soon.


    • Hey, Wayne, look forward to meeting you on one of our DCR events; or if you’re in town when we have nothing scheduled, let us know, maybe we can rouse up some interest in a populaire or perm.



  3. Ok I’m from Kansas so I might not read so good, but it seems the underlying tone of this blog is a kind of goodbye. I have found your blogs to reflect real life. You are not the I can ride one million miles and not break a sweat person. You are the I dont know If I can turn the crank one more time kind of person. You are the person who I look forward to reading and sorry to say but enjoy the reported torment. The errand event was one of the neatest things I have been involved with. You caused me to volunteer at Dirty Kanza, not to ride mind you cause that is reserved for people far crazier than I am. I hope that you continue to publish for years to come. Write what is in your heart and those of us living vicariously will either like it or hate it but be assured we will read it.


    • That’s awesome that you volunteered at Dirty Kanza. Also, thank you for reading. Interesting that you saw it as a goodbye. I never imagined that this blog would still be going after four years so I was reflecting the time that has passed since it started. I hope to keep writing as long as I find themes that interest me. So please do keep reading!


  4. Thanks for writing this blog, Mary! I’m looking forward to “coffeeneuring season” 🙂
    Unfortunately, my work has blocked your blog again. Dunno what’s up with that. I can get to Ed’s blog OK. Maybe it’s too much bike porn in your posts.


  5. keep being there, doing that 😀 yes, great to have you as a bloggie frend and congrats on the blog anniversary. sharing pictures, gathering thoughts, re-checking it for typos is not an easy task but the rewards and coonection made over time of planted seeds with like-minded people around the world makes it all worth it. cheers mary 🙂


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