Coffeeneuring Challenge: Put it on the Map

This year an unprecedented 125 people successfully finished the Coffeeneuring Challenge while another 13 earned the “I Was Going to Complete the Coffeeneuring Challenge, but…” Honorable Mention award.

Coffeeneuring Maps 2013

To provide readers with a visual representation of the coffeeneuring community I created the Magic Coffeeneuring Map, a paper map where all illustration is done in colored pencils (not crayons, as some have suggested).

Here is the 2013 edition of the Magic Coffeeneuring Map, which includes all geographic areas where someone completed the challenge.

Magic Coffeeneuring Map 2013

As a point of comparison (geography-wise, not in terms of the decline or improvement in my skills at coloring inside the lines), below you can see the 2012 edition of the Magic Coffeeneuring Map.

2012 Magic Coffeeneuring Map
2012 Magic Coffeeneuring Map

We did not stop with the Magic Coffeeneuring Map. For those who wanting a more precise depiction of where coffeeneurs reside and ride, the Regional Office of Coffeeneuring (i.e., Daniel) and I developed two additional maps. Okay, Daniel developed them, and I helped fill them in.

Daniel used Google Fusion Tables to create the two digital maps you will find on his site and which I have included as images in this post. Both of these maps include Coffeeneuring Challenge finishers and those achieving Honorable Mentions.

The first map I’m going to show you is the World Coffeeneuring Map for 2013.

2013 Coffeeneuring World Map-Finishers and Honorable Mentions
2013 World Coffeeneuring Map-Finishers and Honorable Mentions

If you go to Daniel’s page, you can click on the dot representing each coffeeneuring city and see if anyone in that location blogged their adventures. If you coffeeneured and blogged about it, but it does not appear on his map please let me know and we will make sure add it onto the World Coffeeneuring Map.

Some of you may recall seeing Google Fusion Tables in 2012. Andy, of the Regional Office of Coffeeneuring in North Carolina, created a similar World Coffeeneuring Map to the one you see in 2013.

51 States of Coffeeneuring, 2013
51 States of Coffeeneuring, 2013

In addition to the World Coffeeneuring Map, we created another digital map specific to the United States. This map has 51 states because, when it comes to all things coffeeneuring, the District of Columbia is also a state. Woo hoo! Dreams coming true!

It gives you a general idea of the numbers of participants by state. Those with the highest numbers of participants are highlighted in a gold-orange-ish hue.

Great job to all who took on the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and I hope you enjoyed looking at these maps as much as we’ve enjoyed working on them! There’s more to come regarding the coffeeneuring results and participation so be sure to stay tuned to this channel.


  1. It was a lot of fun working on the maps with you.
    The geographic breadth of your readers who were interested in riding for coffee was impressive, even if there was those lonesome red dots in Australia and Massachusetts. I’ll work on upping Massachusetts’s total for next year.


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