Link Love

I used to do a “Link Love” every so often. This feature is simply sharing some of the posts or articles I’ve recently read that I think might be enjoyed by Chasing Mailboxes readers.

Today I brought Link Love back with the gems that follow:

Endless Velo Love, Transportative Bicycle. “Bicycles are an interesting machine. They have the power to transport physically, emotionally and mentally. Such simple contraptions, yet if open to the experiences, utilizing one regularly can provide an overall sense of well-being.”
Tales From the Sharrows, Rides 4/6 mice. “At the cost of ten minutes (no cost, really) I went out of the way to see things I wouldn’t normally see and at the cost of ten minutes later in the day, I went back, but a different way still. Because I could. Bicycle commuting makes things possible.”
Bike Like Crazy, Not Without a Fight. “Winter, though, never surrenders. Today it summoned all the strength it could to cover the countryside in snow, knowing that the effort is in vain.”

Have a great weekend, everybody.


  1. Both fantastic links [and thank you for including me as well :)]! I think this is a wonderful way to share posts some of us might not see at all [like me, who happens to be so hit-or-miss with Twitter, because I know you’re great about sharing there as well]. In summary, thank you for doing this.

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  2. Thank you for including me in your post, I feel honored 🙂
    And as G.E. stated, it was great to read beautiful posts that I would have missed out on otherwise.


  3. Enjoyed these connections, one to a blog I’ve been a long time reader of but have not kept up with lately (sorry Tales from the Sharrows, I love your blog. Just got really busy or something). Fun to discover the other 2 which I otherwise wouldn’t have known of.


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