Peak Blossom Days in Washington, D.C.

This weekend the cherry blossoms reached peak bloom in Washington, D.C. Knowing their fragile nature, people flooded the city to see them– cameras, cars, and all.

Hains Point and blossoms

Despite my disdain for all the cars and buses they draw, it impresses me that a bunch of pink flowers can have such a profound effect on people.

Mixte and blossoms on Hains Point

Including me. Every day, I have steadily watched the blossoms on my commutes, and recorded their transformation. I found them irresistible.

Monument mixte and blossoms

I was even compelled to leave home early a few times this past week so as to avoid the bus-driven hordes and sneak in a few extra minutes in the flowers’ expanding presence.

Cherry blossoms and mixte

Cool gloomy days that preluded the warm sun-filled weekend helped.

Magnolias and mixte

They don’t receive quite the same level of attention, but the magnolias have been providing an impressive canopy for us this week as well.

Magnolia reflection

Soon they, too, will lose their leaves so that other flowers might have their day.

Sunset mixte by Potomac and blossoms

I can already smell the first hints of honeysuckle.


  1. Great pics, I happened to be biking by as you were taking that last picture. Couldn’t stop to say hi… I was coming home from the Crystal City 5k and it was well past dinnertime!


    • Thank you! It’s actually a Pletscher kickstand. I only have a kickstand on the mixte (well, one of my folders does, too), but have been riding the mixte the past few days because I need to fix the chain on my Surly.


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