Family Coffeeneuring in St. Petersburg, Florida: Downhill or Uphill, Coffeeneuring is for Everyone

With the Coffeeneuring Challenge approaching, it seems a fine time to revisit some of the travels of last year’s coffeeneurs. We kick off this year’s look back with the family Coffeeneuring Challenge team of Paul, Sally, and Joe.

I believe Joe– at four years of age– was our youngest Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher last year. Both  coffeeneurs completed their longest rides yet during the 2014 challenge, with Sally completing over 51 miles during one outing and Joe riding over 35 miles during one of his rides. Yowza!

Please enjoy this summary and be sure to check out the short interview with Joe and Sally at the end. 

Coffeeneuring (Hot Chocolate-neuring) 2014 in St. Petersburg, FL

Little brother (Joe, age 4) joins Sally (just turned 6) and Dad (age irrelevant) for some neighborhood cycling, adventuring, and serious hot chocolate drinking.

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 1

Date: October 5, 2014
Location: Kahwa Coffee, 204 2nd Ave South, St Petersburg, FL
Distance: 11.7 miles

Comments: One of our favorite places: Great coffee, tasty hot chocolate, and a friendly atmosphere.

1pic Sally and Joe

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 2

Date: October 18, 2014
Location: Bay Vista Park, St. Petersburg
Distance: 2.1 miles

Comments: A post-dinner jaunt to the neighborhood park for some bring-your-own hot chocolate on the pier. Check out the Skyway bridge on the horizon.

2Pic Sally and Joe

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 3

Date: October 19, 2014
Location: Brew D Licious, 667 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL
Distance: 13.4 miles

Comments: Our first time here. Funky vibe. Solid beverages. Several other kids/families, too, made for a fun morning.

3pic Sally and Joe

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 4

Date: October 25, 2014
Location: Maximo Park, St. Petersburg
Distance: 5.4 miles
Comments: Early morning ride to our other waterfront neighborhood park for another round of DIY hot chocolate.

We had a few minutes to hit the excellent playground swings before returning home in time for swim lessons.

4pic Sally and Joe

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 5

Date: October 26, 2014
Location: Hollander Hotel, 421 4th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL
Distance: 14.7 miles

Comments: The Hollander is a St. Pete landmark, an old-world hotel that hosts a serious Sunday morning brunch. Had management known how far these guys had ridden they might not have charged the kids’ rate.

The hot chocolate was good, and the buffet – the bacon supply in particular – was pillaged. Notice how Sally’s been keeping the Tooth Fairy working overtime.

5Pic Sally and Joe

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 6 (Joe)

Date: November 2, 2014
Location: Cassis, 170 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL
Distance: 35.2 miles

Comments: Early on, both kids announced that they wanted to do their “longest ride ever” as part of the Coffeeneuring Challenge. Joe went first and was thrilled to top Sally’s long ride (Sally spent the day with Mom).

Highlights included a visit to Stetson Law School, the St. Pete waterfront, the University of South Florida-St. Pete campus (this almost sounds like a college tour!), an Indian burial mound, and of course several playgrounds.

Lunch was al fresco at Cassis, a trendy downtown eatery, where we were the only table without dogs or tattoos.

6Pic Sally and Joe

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 6 (Sally)

Date: November 9, 2014
Location: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, 10750 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL
Distance: 51.8 miles

Comments: This week, Joe hung out with Mom while Sally smashed her personal best ride by more than 20 miles, aided by her 7-speed, 20” Islabike. She wanted to ride to work “just like Dad.”

The building tour was a hit, but the best was hot chocolate at Dad’s desk. This ride was done almost entirely on the Pinellas Trail, a beautiful multi-use path.

7Pic Sally and Joe

Coffeeneuring Ride No. 7

Date: November 16, 2014
Location: Starbucks, followed by Munch’s
333 1st St S, St. Petersburg (Starbuck’s); 3920 6th St South, St. Petersburg, FL (Munch’s)
Distance: 11.6 miles

Comments: We hit Starbucks downtown for hot chocolate, but lunch at Munch’s was by far the favorite.

Munch’s is an old-school diner and a St. Pete institution. The waitstaff love that the kids bike there. We ate at the counter and celebrated completing the Coffeeneuring Challenge!

8Pic Sally and Joe

Total Distance (Joe): 94.1 miles
Total Distance (Sally): 110.7 miles
Total Distance (Dad): 145.9 miles

An Interview with Some Young Coffeeneurs

9Pic Sally and Joe

What ride did you like the best?

Sally: The Sheriff’s Office.
Joe: The last one. Number 7.


Sally: Because I got to see inside your office. And because the hot chocolate was good.
Joe: I liked the chairs.

What was your favorite hot chocolate?

Joe: The first ride [Kahwa]. I liked the stuff they made on it [barista foam designs].
Sally: The last ride [Starbucks]; it tasted really good! [Note: the barista sweetened the hot cocoa heavily.]

What do you like most about riding your bike?

Joe: I like going to far places. Like Munch’s.
Sally: I like my big bike. I like changing my gears on the hills.

Do you like climbing more, or going downhill?

Joe: Going downhill.
Sally: Uphill.

Where do you want to ride next?

Sally: I want to go back to the buffet [The Hollander].
Joe: Munch’s.

What do you like most about coffeeneuring?

Sally: Because we get to go on some hills.
Joe: ‘Cause the hot chocolate is good.

…See you next year!


  1. Whoa! I was interested in learning how to get two kids on a bike with their Dad. I thought I would find a bike photo at the end that included perhaps a tandem and a trail-a-long! I had no idea a 6 year old could ride 52 miles on their own. Sally and Joe, you’ve seriously impressed me!


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