RunDC: 12 Months of Running in Washington, D.C.

I am on my way to Kindergarten. My mom has packed my lunch for me. I stuff it in my backpack, shrug on my coat, and point my two little feet toward school. It’s three blocks away– three country blocks and I have five-year-old legs, but still… it’s three blocks. And I have 30 minutes to walk these three blocks, so it should be no problem to arrive well before circle time. One would think.

Despite an ample time cushion, I was a chronically late Kindergartener. The 8:30 a.m. bell sounded, and I was still winding my way to the school’s front doors. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, I would saunter into class.

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Run Commute Days

Morning run
Morning run commute

With the 2014 brevets completed, I turned to running.
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Valentine’s Day Run-Commute, in Photos

Jump by Benjamin Banneker Park


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The Appeal of the Run Commute

Run Commute by the Smithsonian

Because I have a fall running event coming up, I’ve inserted a couple of run commutes into my weekly commute diet. While cycling is my primary mode of commuting, mixing it up with run commuting has proven quite pleasant.

Not surprisingly, my running route to and from the office varies from my bike routine. First, I don’t run in the streets. HA! Second, I don’t run in the 15th Street bike lane. HA HA!

I’ve figured out a quiet, low-traffic, point-to-point run commute route. It takes me through one of the Smithsonian gardens and across the National Mall, both of which I find to be particularly peaceful in the morning.

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