A Coffeeneuring Map Made by a Pro

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Earlier this week, I received a note from a North Carolina randonneur and blogosphere buddy. Andy had used the Coffeeneuring Challenge data as the basis for his on-line tutorial, “How to plot points on a map using Google Fusion Tables

The result of his plotting is a world map that shows the home cities of all 62 participants.

Andy's world map of coffeeneurs
Andy’s World Coffeeneuring Map

Coffeeneuring + Fusion Tables = World Coffeeneuring Map.

Awesome? Yes, awesome!

The world coffeeneuring map is easy to review and also gives the reader a fairly specific visual of the geographic dispersion of coffeeneurs. It also helped me see why Mike T. of Edmonton, Alberta, completed his final coffeeneuring ride using studded tires. I did not realize that Edmonton was that far north.

In perusing Andy’s blog entry, I know it would take me some time to create my own coffeeneuring map, but it is possible that I could shift from using the magic coffeeneuring map to the world coffeeneuring map.

Magic Coffeeneuring Map: domestic + part of Canada
One more look at the magic coffeeneuring map

It will be hard to give up the colored pencils, though, so I will likely use both visual aids.

Thank you, Andy, for creating the world coffeeneuring map. I look forward to using your tutorial for next year’s challenge! (Or I might just email you to help me!)


  1. I wonder if he’d consider a Fusion Heat Map, showing the number of participants at each location. I also wonder if I said that right, because I’m at the far edge of any notion of the concept.


    • I thought about that, too. I have a friend who knows how to make those. Maybe I will talk w/ him about it! You just want to see Pittsburgh as the coffeeneuring hot spot!


  2. Now if your friend knew the home addresses (or better yet, an approximation because who wants their address published on the web?) and the location of coffee shops and then used the Google Maps API to plot the routes that we all take for our coffee runs … . I regularly show people how to quickly create a map from Fusion tables using the Maps API. It is a very useful tool, while it is still free.


    • I would like to see the map of the shops people visited, but it was TOO MUCH WORK for my blog staff of one, :). I also want to do a heat map of the coffeeneuring activity.


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